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O szkole Omnilingua Scuola di Lingue

OMNILINGUA is an award winning, independent language school founded in 1999. We offer courses in Italian, Arabic, French, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and German. OMNILINGUA has received several international awards for its services and for its high customer satisfaction and is officially recognized as a CILS preparation centre for the Siena University for Foreigners. We also offer translating and interpreting services for companies, entrepreneurs and private use.

OMNILINGUA is located in the famous resort town of Sanremo. The school is very close to the historical part of the town and quick walk to the beach.

Our highly motivated team will insure you have the ultimate learning experience. All teachers hold university degrees and are constantly keeping up their skills by attending workshops and trainings to provide students with a blend of traditional and modern teaching techniques. The teachers are all highly qualified with many years of teaching experience, and all teachers are native speakers of the language they teach and speak at least two other languages.

OMNILINGUA’s objective is to offer stimulating Italian language lessons, as well as high quality translations in a warm and friendly international environment.

Commonly known as "La Città della Pace" (City of Peace) and the City of Flowers, Sanremo was recently appointed as the home for the World Association of the Nobel Peace Prize. It has approximately 60,000 residents in addition to the many tourists who drive, fly or sail here. The city centre is a very lively place, highlighted by the famous Ariston Theatre, wide promenades filled with palms, elegant boutiques, and typical Italian markets. The charming historical centre of Sanremo is a perfect example of late-medieval Italian architecture. A wide variety of artistic, cultural, sporting and social events along with year-round mild weather make Sanremo fun-filled holiday destination. Sanremo is the capital of the Riviera of Flowers and is famous for its flower growing industry; millions of flowers are exported every year to the rest of the world.


  • Zakwaterowanie u rodziny goszczącej
  • Zakwaterowanie u rodziny goszczącej bez uczniów posługujących się tym samym językiem ojczystym
  • Własne mieszkanie
  • W hotelu/pensjonacie
  • Mieszkanie dzielone


  • Enologia/Enoturystyka
  • Film
  • Zwiedzanie zabytków historycznych
  • Wydarzenia na terenie kampusu
  • Turystyka kulturalna (teatr, muzyka, itp.)
  • Gotowanie

Usługi dodatkowe

  • Sporty wodne


  • Siatkówka
  • Tenis
  • Golf

Praca i dalsza nauka

  • Doświadczenie zawodowe/ praktyki w lokalnych firmach


Włoski ogólny

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb intensywny 25+ godz./tydz., Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz.

Rozmiary klas: Mała, 2-5 uczniów, Średnia, 6-10 uczniów

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy, Średnio-zaawansowani

This course consists of 4 hours in a group Monday - Friday from 9:00am until 12:40pm (20 hours a week), plus homework. This type of course is ideal for whoever would like to study while having cultural or leisure activities in the afternoon.

This course consists of 4 hours in a group from 9:00am until 12:40pm plus one extra hour of one-to-one lessons in the afternoon each day (20 group hours + 5 individual lessons a week), plus homework. Although there are lessons in the afternoon, the students still have time for leisure, social and cultural activities. This course is ideal for those who would like to have a private teacher in the afternoon.

This course consists of 6 hours in a group a day, 4 hours in the morning from 9:00am to 12:40pm with two additional hours in the afternoon, usually from 1:30pm to 3:10pm (30 hours a week). This type of course is perfect for those who would like to make the most of their time here in Sanremo.

If you have great interest for the Italian cuisine and love the local wines, the school is glad to organize a course made for you. This special course includes the following elements per week:

- 4 hours of Italian per day from Monday to Friday from 9.00 AM to 12.40 PM as a group lesson with 4-5 students on average, maximum of 9.
- Cooking lessons that take place twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday from 4.00 PM until 8.00 PM at the cook’s home – a beautiful apartment in the centre of Sanremo with a large terrace where one can enjoy a nice view of the city. The cook is very experienced, speaks slowly and introduces students into the secrets of Italian cuisine and the Ligurian specialities. The dishes prepared will then be served and accompanied by Italian wines.
- Wine tasting that takes place at school on Thursday, either from 4.30 PM to 6 PM or from 6 PM to 7.30 PM depending on the period of the year. The participants receive an introduction into the world of Italian wines from a sommelier with a long experience. The event includes the finest and most well-known regional wines, accompanied by typical appetizers of the local cuisine. The part of the Oenology is supported by wine making demonstration videos. Depending on the number of the participants the wine tasting can also take place at "Victory Morgana Bay" www.victorymorganabay.it which is one of the most famous restaurants of Sanremo with a wonderful view of the sea. The event includes not only the tasting of various wines but also of delicious typical local dishes.

If you are over 50 years old and you are looking for a study vacation, OMNILINGUA is the answer! The school hosts, throughout the year, mature students who enjoy the culture of our country and wish to improve their knowledge of the area and of the Italian lifestyle. If you want to learn about our country, its people and the Italian way of life, this is the right course for you.

Although this program is designed normally for 2 weeks and is structured as described below, it is also possible to reserve for less or more than 2 weeks. The price of the 2 weeks course includes: Italian course, an orientation tour on the first day, three guided tours, two culinary event evenings and wine tasting.

If you want to combine Italian language lessons in school with tennis lessons given by a former professional tennis player in Italy, then this course is perfect for you. This programme consists of 4 hours of Italian lesson in a group every day, Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 12:40pm (20 hours per week), plus an 1.5 hours of tennis every afternoon.

Włoski - przygotowanie do egzaminu

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb intensywny 25+ godz./tydz.

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy, Średnio-zaawansowani

Rozmiary klas: Średnia, 6-10 uczniów

CILS means “Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera” (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language).

Upon request, OMNILINGUA offers lessons for whoever needs to prepare for and pass the CILS exams, which is the title that declares the Italian Language competence level as a foreign language. This is in accordance with the Foreign University of Siena, recognised by the Italian State and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The CILS is often required for foreign participants for the admission to Italian universities.

Our CILS preparation consists of 4 group lessons every day from 9:00am to 12:40pm of a standard course plus 2 additional lessons in the afternoon. OMNILINGUA offers the necessary preparation and assistance for the students who would like to take this exam and it provides advice according to the university of their choice and the requirements for admission. The preparation takes place at OMNILINGUA in Sanremo, whereas the exams take place in authorised centres, of which the closest is Genoa.

Włoski - przygotowanie akademickie

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

OMNILINGUA'S courses are divided into 5 main levels using the common European Reference Chart for language knowledge (CEFR). On completion all students will receive a certificate displaying the course they have attended, the respective dates and the level they have achieved.
OMNILINGUA is officially recognised:

-By the ASILS: “Italian School Association as a Second Language”

-As CILS preparation centre for the Siena University for Foreigners

Włoski online

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Poziomy: Średnio-zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy, Zaawansowani

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb intensywny 25+ godz./tydz., Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz., Tryb swobodny 10-15 godz./tydz.

Rozmiary klas: Jeden na jeden

The Skype course in Italian offered by OMNILINGUA is for those who want to learn Italian comfortably from their own home with a flexible timetable and personalised lessons to suit every need.

You can choose between different types of courses:

Profesjonalny angielski

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy, Średnio-zaawansowani

Rozmiary klas: Średnia, 6-10 uczniów, Jeden na jeden

In the current international market, foreign language proficiency is becoming more and more important for those companies which would like to increase and enhance their services. This course consists of 4 hours of Italian from 9:00am to 12:40pm in a standard group at the appropriate level plus 1 personalised hour each day in the afternoon. The student can choose from “Italian for flight assistants”, “Business Italian” and/or “Teaching Italian”. The course is open to individuals who would like to run their own business in Italy as well as companies.

Włoski - kursy spersonalizowane

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Średnio-zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy

Rozmiary klas: Jeden na jeden

This teaching programme is one of the most flexible and efficient. The private lessons are available for both beginners as well as more advanced language learners. The student decides, together with the teacher, the pace, the learning method, the time and the content of the lessons. Whoever makes use of the Italian language, either professionally or not, may follow a programme suited for their personal needs. An optimal and customised learning process is guaranteed.

Each lesson lasts for 50 minutes and can begin at any time of the year. This course is ideal for people who only have a short amount of time for studying or if it is not possible to follow the lessons every day.

Włoski - szkolenia dla nauczycieli

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Włoski - kurs dla juniorów

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 13-70

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz.

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy, Średnio-zaawansowani

OMNILINGUA is able to offer school groups and language institutes, 1 or 2 week of Italian language course. You and your students can study together for the entire course or depending on the number of participants, can be divided into 2 or 3 smaller groups. The course consists of 20 hours of Italian lessons a week from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 12:40pm.

The language course is integrated with an exciting social and cultural afternoon programme, for example guided visits to the wonderful Ligurian countryside or to the Olive Oil Museum, beach volleyball, football on the beach, ice cream and pastry tasting and much more. The available accommodation options for you and your students include homestays with Italian families, rented apartments and hotels.



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