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O szkole LSF

LSF Montpellier is one of the most established and well-known French language schools in France and has just obtained the maximum 15/15 stars in the French government Label Qualité FLE accreditation audit. Since 1996 LSF has organised language stays in Montpellier for adults (16 +) and juniors (11-16), groups and individuals, with a friendly family atmosphere and a fantastic nationality and age mix.

LSF is the only school in Montpellier using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Education: the LSF Moodle platform, the new pedagogical blog and ‘La Gazette’ social network, the new LSF app for Smartphones and the installation of 3 interactive flat panels from the SMARTboard range. Our French school offers high quality French courses taught by fully qualified enthusiastic teachers, carefully selected accommodation and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities and excursions.

Besides the large selection of host families and student residences, we can offer comfortable private studios, shared accommodation and luxurious apartments.

The school is located in three prestigious locations in the historic town centre. Courses take place in a unique environment- with a private garden, a rooftop terrace and 20 air-conditioned classrooms- enabling students to take full advantage of the sunny weather in Montpellier. There are also a multimedia room, a resource centre and vending-machines for students to use.

Our Junior courses take place in a separate centre.


  • Badminton
  • Balet
  • Koszykówka
  • Wspinaczka
  • Taniec
  • Piłka nożna
  • Golf
  • Alpinizm
  • Jazda konna
  • Rugby
  • Pływanie
  • Ping-pong
  • Tenis
  • Lekkoatletyka
  • Siatkówka
  • Squash

Usługi dodatkowe

  • Sporty wodne
  • Lotnisko transferowe/Stacja transferowa
  • Udogodnienia dla uczniów niepełnosprawnych
  • Doradztwo dla uczniów
  • Pomoc w uzyskaniu wizy


  • Zakwaterowanie u rodziny goszczącej
  • Własne mieszkanie
  • W hotelu/pensjonacie
  • Mieszkanie dzielone
  • Dom studencki

Praca i dalsza nauka

  • Uczniowie prawnie dopuszczeni do pracy/mogący pracować podczas kursu
  • Program Au Pair i nauka języka
  • Doświadczenie zawodowe/ praktyki w lokalnych firmach


  • Taniec
  • Film
  • Muzyka
  • Teatr
  • Gotowanie
  • Turystyka kulturalna (teatr, muzyka, itp.)
  • Moda
  • Piesze wycieczki
  • Zwiedzanie zabytków historycznych
  • Enologia/Enoturystyka
  • Wspinaczka skałkowa
  • Profesjonalne imprezy sportowe
  • Lokalne wydarzenia kulturalne (festiwale, itp.)


Francuski ogólny

100% Recenzje: 1

Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Typ lokalizacji: Wybrzeże, Miasto

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy, Średnio-zaawansowani

Rozmiary klas: Średnia, 6-10 uczniów

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz.

The Standard French course is the best option for those who want to learn French and still have plenty of time to discover the beautiful South of France! This course is available all year long, for all levels of French.

20 Standard group lessons of 45 minutes each in the morning = 15h of French classes per week from Monday to Friday.
NB: LSF reserves the right to modify the schedule of lessons in summer and at other peak times (Standard course mornings and afternoons).

The class sizes at LSF French language school are small, often 8 students, with a maximum of 10 students per class. This French course focuses on providing the main grammatical and lexical tools used to communicate in French, thus concentrating on the five skills essential to the learning of a language: listening, speaking, oral interaction, writing, reading comprehension.
Throughout this course, the students learn how to introduce themselves, talk about their day-to-day life and their background, and they are also able to relate their past experiences, their projects and desires, to express their feelings and doubts, as well as their opinion about various subjects. They can understand others and use their grammatical and lexical knowledge in practical situations.

In order to reach these goals, the teachers use a great variety of teaching aids which allow the students to discover French cultural and social specificities as well as major topical issues. Every week the students’ progress is assessed through a formal test, which allows them to check their improvement and to review the main topics studied during the week.

Francuski - przygotowanie do egzaminu

0% Recenzje: 0

Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Typ lokalizacji: Wybrzeże, Miasto

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy, Średnio-zaawansowani

Rozmiary klas: Średnia, 6-10 uczniów, Mała, 2-5 uczniów

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz.

LSF organises 5 weeks DELF B1, B2, DALF C1 and DALF C2 preparation courses several times throughout the year according to the exam dates.

In addition to the 20 Standard group lessons in the morning, the students take specific French courses which are dedicated to the preparation of the DELF/DALF exams some afternoons.

20 Standard group lessons of 45 minutes each in the morning (15 hours)
+ 6 specific French group lessons of 45 minutes each twice a week in the afternoon (2x2h15)
= 19h30 of French classes per week during 5 weeks.

Lessons are based on repetition, and mock exams are organised for each component of the exam. This course focuses on strengthening the 4 skills that will be tested in the exam: oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production, and oral production. The students work on the methodology, vocabulary and all the themes specific to these exams, while developing their grammatical and communicative skills. You will be given mock exams in the different parts of the exam. The success rate of candidates prepared for these exams by LSF is almost 100%.

Francuski - kursy spersonalizowane

0% Recenzje: 0

Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Typ lokalizacji: Wybrzeże, Miasto

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy, Średnio-zaawansowani

Rozmiary klas: Jeden na jeden, Mała, 2-5 uczniów

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb swobodny 10-15 godz./tydz., Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz., Tryb intensywny 25+ godz./tydz.

You decide the number of lessons and their content to create a programme completely adapted to your needs and wishes. You will be asked to complete a needs analysis form before arrival, and any specific materials you wish to be included in the lessons may be sent to LSF before arrival. Semi-private lessons are organised for two people with the same level and/or needs- you choose the number of lessons and the content. As for the one-to-one lessons, your teacher will organise the lessons according to your needs, but with this course option you will have more opportunity to interact.

Francuski - Kursy letnie

100% Recenzje: 1

Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Typ lokalizacji: Wybrzeże, Miasto

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy, Średnio-zaawansowani

Rozmiary klas: Duża, 11-20 uczniów

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz.

All-inclusive French Vacation Courses for young people (11-16). This programme includes French lessons in the mornings, accommodation in a host family or student residence and a selection of leisure activities: beach trips, excursions, Photomania, bowling, ice-skating, etc. Full supervision and welfare will be provided 24/7.

Francuski - szkolenia dla nauczycieli

0% Recenzje: 0

Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Typ lokalizacji: Miasto

Poziomy: Zaawansowani

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz.

LSF offers a specific training programme for French teachers living and working out of France (primary school, high school, college). It is available all year long and the minimum level required for teachers is B1 according to the CECR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Before arrival at LSF, teachers will take a level test and will then be placed in a class adapted to their needs.

The objective of this course is to give teachers the keys to help them develop the writing and oral skills of their students whilst learning new methods for the preparation of their courses. All the activities in class allow the teachers to familiarise themselves with the French language and culture and to facilitate the teaching methods used for a specific grammar point.

In addition to the 20 Standard group lessons in the morning, students take specific group lessons some afternoons which are specially designed for French teachers.
20 Standard group lessons of 45 minutes each in the morning (15 hours)
+ 10 specific group lessons of 45 minutes each 3 afternoons per week (3x2h30)
= 22h30 of French classes per week.

In the mornings teachers follow the Standard course at their appropriate level. They develop their grammatical and communication skills, enrich their vocabulary and get new ideas and learn new teaching techniques by observing the LSF teachers.
In the afternoons, teachers follow specific classes which are organised as lively workshops where each participant is encouraged to participate actively, exchanging experiences and teaching methods.
On top of that, teachers students are invited to the one-hour exchange of practice organised each week by the LSF teachers, so that they can talk with each other, exchange and find new ideas.

LSF uses the task-based approach. Thanks to this method, students develop the five skills of the CECR (Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading comprehension, Oral interaction). For every important grammar point, this course offers activities specially designed to study this lesson. A wide range of activities are proposed, only based on authentic documents (media, press, photos, films, internet, songs, games…) for non-French speakers from beginner level (A1) to the C1 level (according to the CECR). At the end of the course, teachers will get a full range of turnkey activities adapted to the levels they are teaching.

Francuski - kurs dla juniorów

0% Recenzje: 0

Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 13-70

Typ lokalizacji: Miasto

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb swobodny 10-15 godz./tydz.

Since 1996 LSF has organised French language stays for kids and teenagers (11-16) in Montpellier. This Learn French for Kids package is a unique formula in Montpellier which only our French language school offers and is a program specially devised for young people coming to France for a fun and safe French study holiday.
In our all-inclusive French vacation courses kids and teens from all over the world enjoy an unforgettable stay in the sunny south of France. The language stay includes French lessons in the mornings, accommodation in a host family or student residence (with full-board) and a full afternoon and evening activity and excursion programme.
LSF organises the best programme for kids and teenagers, all with 24/7 supervision and welfare!
Our Junior school is located in a private French school, the Collège Ste-Famille, that LSF uses exclusively for the summer. It is located 10 place Roger Salengro, 10 minutes from Montpellier’s historical centre and from our Adult school. Students have everything they need to learn French in the best conditions and to make the most of their language stay in the south of France, with great facilities:
- 10 fully-equipped, spacious light classrooms
- A wide enclosed courtyard for exclusive LSF use where students can safely relax during break times with friends and enjoy the many sunny days in the south of France.
- A canteen where the students have their lunch after class weekdays (pizza, quiche, croque-monsieur, salad or sandwich)
The French courses the students participate in consist of 20 lessons per week with a possibility to add 4 additional one-to-one lessons per week in the afternoons.

All teachers are experienced, enthusiastic and use fun and interactive teaching methods to help the students get the most out of their stay with us. We use an integrated communicative approach in our teaching, which focuses on the student and his/her environment. Particular attention is paid to improving speaking and listening skills, through role-plays, discussions, video and songs, activities, etc.
The maximum class size for French summer courses is 15, and the minimum stay is one week. The language levels (Common European Framework) available for the Junior courses are A1, A2, B1, B2. One lesson = 45 minutes.
During our French language stay for teenagers in Montpelier, the students have the possibility to stay in a French Host Family or in a Student Residence.
Our social activity programme provides a full, varied and exciting mix of sports, museum visits, sightseeing trips, treasure hunts, barbecues, discos and excursions, not forgetting the inevitable trips to the wonderful sandy Mediterranean beaches. During all activities friendly activity leaders accompany the students and 24/7 supervision is provided throughout the entire programme.



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uczył(a) się Francuski ogólny

LSF is a wonderful way to improve your French

I attended three different French language schools in the summer of 2015 and I highly recommend LSF in Montpellier without reservations. The teachers are excellent and creative. I never felt bored in class because my teachers had so many different innovative ways to teach the grammar and other concepts. They made learning fun. Additionally, they have a lot of high level technology, such as interactive smart boards. They used very few worksheets, but rather did creative fun activities to help students speak and write better. They had high goals with specific objectives each day and week. We wrote every day on interesting topics and the teacher corrected our written work individually. The teachers were kind and encouraging about correcting our spoken language. The entire staff at LSF is kind and welcoming and helpful. You get the impression they are glad the students are there and want to help them not just with school issues, but in helping them enjoy the whole experience in France. The host families are chosen with care and all of my friends who stayed with families had very positive experiences. Montpellier is a darling town with beautiful squares, a large pedestrian zone, and lots to do. The school is in the center of the historic downtown, so right outside the building there were places to eat, lunch or get a coffee with a friend. I loved being with students from all over the world. I felt like my French skills improved tremendously in this excellent program in a beautiful setting.

opublikował(a) 6 lat temu



uczył(a) się Francuski - kursy letnie

La mia fantastica esperienza con LSF!!!

Come descrivere i giorni passati in una Nazione bellissima, parlando una lingua altrettanto bella in un posto ricco di persone squisite?

Trascorrere il tempo con gli amici di Lsf è stato un'importante occasione per migliorare la mia conoscenza del francese, non solo scritto ma soprattutto orale, un aspetto della lingua che solitamente non è facile imparare a scuola in Italia.
Ogni mattina ero sempre più entusiasta nel sapere che sarei stata di nuovo accolta da persone competenti e amichevoli; in più ogni giorno era diverso dall'altro perchè il destino riservava potenziali nuove amicizie, che potevano essere francesi, inglesi, americane, svizzere, tedesche..., ma perchè non cinesi o spagnole? Era bello arrivare la mttina e vedere quante persone erano alla scuola quella settimana, e di che nazionalità! Varcavi la soglia e ti trovavi di fronte a loro. L'unico legame? Il francese! Nei casi di difficoltà perchè non rispolverare anche un po' d'inglese?

Lsf non è solo una scuola dove s'impara in aula, ma offre anche molte occasioni di apprendimentoattraverso attività quali escursioni, degustazioni, giochi, uscite in spiaggia che uniscono lo studio del francese l divertimento. Il risultato? Imparare è molto più facile e andarsene alla fine del soggiorno è un po' triste..., ma...perchè non tornare?

Ringrazio e saluto tutti gli insegnanti e chi lavora alla scuola. Ognuno mi ha lasciato un ricordo bellissimo impresso nel cuore.

Spero a presto
Barbra Chiarelli

opublikował(a) 6 lat temu



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