Prepare for TOEFL IBT

What is TOEFL IBT?

TOEFL IBT is a test to check your skills to use and understand English at the university level. In addition, it also measures how well you perform academic tasks combining your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

What is TOEFL IBT for?

The TOEFL IBT is one of the most famous tests which is accepted by more than 10.000 universities and other institutions in over 150 countries. There are, for example, immigration departments which use the TOEFL scores for residential or work visas or medical and licensing agencies which use it for professional certification purposes. But also individual language learners can take the exam to get feedback about their English language skills.

Why should you take the test?

Because of the high number of institutions all over the world, which recognize the TOEFL IBT, it is always a good idea to take the test. If you want to know where you will need the test, you could check the TOEFL Destination Search. Moreover, here are a few facts about TOEFL IBT:

It is preferred in the United States, France and Germany.

In the United States, 9 of 10 universities prefer the TOEFL IBT test (over other tests for English), but also in France or in Germany, the test is more preferred than other English-language tests.

It is more popular in Canada.

Also in Canada, there are more than 80% of graduate programs which prefer the TOEFL test.

It is 100% accepted in Australia and New Zealand.

The TOEFL scores are accepted by every university in Australia and New Zealand, but also for all Australian and New Zealand immigration.

It is widely accepted in the United Kingdom.

Like in the United States, there are more than 90% of universities in the United Kingdom – including the elite Russel Group Universities – which accept TOEFL scores.

And maybe one of the most important points: The TOEFL IBT test can help you to get a visa for different countries.

Australia: The TOEFL IBT test can be used for student, post-study, skilled migration and business visas. Here you get more information about visa requirements in Australia.

New Zealand: If you need a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa for New Zealand, the scores can also be used. Here you get more information.

United Kingdom: The test scores are accepted – under certain conditions – for the Tier 4 student visa. Here you get more information about visa requirements in the United Kingdom.

What you should know about the test?

The most important things you should know about the test is the content, resource centres and the fees.

Test content

The test is divided in four sections (reading, listening, speaking and writing) and is administered via internet. Here are more details about each section:

  • Reading: This part takes 60 to 80 minutes and you have to read three or four passages from an academic text. After reading, you have to answer 36 to 56 questions.
  • Listening: The listening part takes 60 to 90 minutes. You must listen to lectures, classroom discussions and conversations. After listening, you have to answer to 34 to 51 questions.
  • Break: The break after the first two parts takes about 10 minutes.
  • Speaking: Based on six reading and listening tasks, you have to express an opinion on a familiar topic. This part takes 20 minutes.
  • Writing: Also based on reading and listening tasks (two), you must support an opinion in writing. This part takes 50 minutes.

In addition, the sections – as you can see – are combined, as follows:

  • listen first and then speak in response to a question
  • read, listen and then speak or write in response to a question

Resource centres

Many countries have a local master TOEFL IBT Resource Centre where you can get general information about the test. Here you can get the details.


Like other official certifications the TOEFL IBT is not free and there are a few categories of fees:

  • Registration: This fee varies by country. For more information, you can select the testing location here.
  • Late registration: 40 USD
  • Rescheduling: 60 USD
  • Reinstatement of cancelled scores: 20 USD
  • Additional score reports (per institution or agency): 20 USD each
  • Speaking or writing section score review: 80 USD
  • Speaking and writing section score review: 160 USD

To pay these fees, you can use a credit or debit card, an electronic check, PayPal, a paper check or a money order or the Western Union QuickPay. More information about these forms of payment you get here.

How can you prepare yourself?

If you want to prepare yourself for the TOEFL IBT test, you can use official materials, like the following:

TOEFL Go! – Official App

With this app it is really easy to prepare yourself because you can learn wherever you go. In addition, this resource is prepared by the maker of the test.

TOEFL books

There are also a lot of different books and value packs to prepare yourself for the TOEFL test. Check the library or an online shop to find the perfect one for you.

Free test preparation resources from TOEFL IBT

You could also use the Interactive Sampler which provides you with a free access to older questions from all four sections or the free set of test questions. But also the practice tool Quick Prep includes four volumes with questions from all four sections.

For more information about your preparation for the TOEFL IBT test, check out this website. There is also another possibility: Attend a preparation class in a language school!

TOEFL IBT preparation classes on

International Language Academy – Canada

The ILAC is located in Vancouver where students from all over the world can prepare themselves to take a language test, like TOEFL. They offer two types of preparation classes: a general one (15-25 hrs/wk) or an intensive one (25+ hrs/wk). In addition, the school strives for a dynamic atmosphere which includes different activities like historical sightseeing tours or culture shock presentations.

Here you can get more information: International Language Academy

Living Learning English – United Kingdom

The Living Learning English language school is a member of English UK and Quality English and also accredited by the British Council. They want you to speak English every day in your specially designed courses to get better as fast as possible. To prepare yourself for the TOEFL test, you can decide between a relaxed, a general or an intensive preparation class.

Here you can get more information: Living Learning English

Aston Academy – Northern Ireland

In this language school you live with the teachers in a house and get 12+ hours per day with teachers and maximum four students per teacher. In addition, they offer different activities like cultural tourism, historical sightseeing or sport. The preparation classes are one-to-one or 2-5 students in one class and could be relaxed (10-15 hrs/wk), general (15-25 hrs/wk) or intensive (25+ hrs/wk).

Here you can get more information: Aston Academy

Good Hope Studies – South Africa

The Good Hope Studies language school is located in Cape Town and offers different English classes, including TOEFL courses. In addition, the maximum group size is 10 students and weekly hours are between 15 and 25.

Here you can get more information: Good Hope Studies

On you can find more than 140 language school all over the world which offer preparation classes for the TOEFL IBT test. To find the perfect one for you, check our list.

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