Visa requirements to study in Australia

Visa requirements to study in Australia

Australia is a unique country, in terms of climate, geography, history and culture. This makes it very popular among people that are searching for adventure. But, before you travel – for studying, working or just visiting the country – you must consider the visa requirements.

You could also check the website of the Australian Government to get the complete information.

Who needs a Visa?

Nearly everyone needs a Visa before going to Australia. Only New Zealand citizens can apply for it upon arrival in the country.

To know which Visa you need you can use the Visa finder or ask for information at your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate.

Which Visas exist?

In general, you need a Visa for visiting the country, for working or for studying.

Visas for visiting and working

If you want to visit someone in Australia or to work there, you have different possibilities:

eVisitor Visa (subclass 651)

The eVisitor Visa is a free visa which allows you to visit Australia for up to three months (in a 12-month period).

To apply for an eVisitor, you must

      • have a passport from a particular country and
      • be outside Australia.

Here you get more information: eVisitor.

Visitor Visa (subclass 600)

With a Visitor Visa, you are allowed to visit the country for up to three, six or twelve months.

Here you get more information: Visitor Visa.

Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417)

The Work and Holiday Visa is a particular Visa type for young persons who want to stay in Australia for up to a year.

To get this Visa, you must

      • be at least 18, but not 31 years of age yet,
      • not have a dependent child with you and
      • have a passport from an eligible country.

Here you get more information: Working Holiday Visa.

Visas for studying

There are different possibilities if you want to study in Australia.

Student Visa (subclass 500)

If you want to study full-time in an education institution, you will need a Student Visa which has validity up to five years

To get a Student Visa, you must

      • be at least six years of age,
      • have been accepted at an educational institution and
      • have health insurance.

Here you get more information: Student Visa.

Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590)

Up to five years you could stay in Australia as the guardian of an international student (younger than 18 years) who studies in Australia on a Student Visa.

To apply for this Visa, you must

      • be the student’s parent, a legal guardian or a relative,
      • have enough money to support the student and yourself during the stay,
      • be at least 21 years of age.

Here you get more information: Student Guardian Visa.

Training Visa (subclass 407)

With a Training Visa, you are allowed to take part in a professional development training program or workplace-based training in the country.

To get the Training Visa, you must

      • be nominated or invited and
      • usually be at least 18 years old.

Furthermore, this Visa allows you a stay up to two years.

Here you get more information: Training Visa.

Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)

The Temporary Graduate Visa is for international students who have finished an Australian educational institution and who want to live, study or work temporarily in the country.

In addition, there are two streams depending on the length of your stay: Graduate Work stream (18 months) and Post-Study Work stream (two to four years).

To apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa, you must

      • be under 50 years of age,
      • hold an eligible visa,
      • have a recent qualification in a CRICOS-registered course and
      • meet additional requirements of the relevant stream.

Here you get more information: Temporary Graduate Visa.

How to apply for a Visa?

If you want to apply for a Visa, you could do it online.

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