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How do agents fit into the CourseFinders model?

We know that agents can help schools to follow up student enquiries and that they greatly increase the conversion rate from enquiries to enrollments. To facilitate this, we have made it very easy for schools to forward student leads to you, either individually or grouped by student nationality/location. Schools can also export all leads as .csv files for easy importing into their enrollment management systems.

Students can also choose to be contacted by agencies. Throughout the process of researching schools, students are asked if they need any help or advice. If the student says yes, then their details are sent to the two ICEF Agency Status (IAS) certified agencies with physical offices closest to that student’s home. These agencies can then contact the student and/or invite them to come to their office for further guidance.

If an agency receives a lead via this second route, the agency must pay for the lead in the same way that schools do. If a school receives a lead (and therefore pays for it) and then forwards it to one of their chosen agents, then only the school will pay. No charges will ever be made without your prior consent.

If you are an IAS certified agency and would like to receive student leads from your country via CourseFinders please contact us.

If you would like to apply for ICEF Agency Status please contact us.

How can I help my schools receive more student enquiries?

The best way to help your schools receive more student enquiries is to help them get more reviews from past students.

Our CourseFinders ‘Review Widget’ is the best way to do this, and it can help you sell more courses by showing your student customers reviews of schools written by other students.

The CourseFinders ‘Review Widget’ is a small piece of software that you can very easily add to your website for each of the schools that you represent. It allows visitors to your site to write reviews for a school they have attended, or to read reviews written by other students.

The widgets are self-updating so will always show the most recent reviews. They will also show the most relevant reviews to the viewer.

The widget can tell by a visitors’ ip address where they are located. This means if you are an agency located in Brazil the widgets knows that the visitors viewing the widget are in Brazil and will show the reviews by other Brazilians students first.

You can get the widget by asking your schools to log in at CourseFinders, visit their dashboard and click on the “Get Review Widget” button.

What happens if my schools receive negative reviews?

Every time a new review is left, all school admins receive a notification email containing the entire review as well as 2 options: Reply and Report.

Replies are displayed publically directly underneath the review. This provides a public forum to address any issues and is the best way to deal with any less than positive reviews. Students are more interested in how complaints are dealt with than the subject of the complaint itself.

If you believe a review was not genuine (i.e. the student is not a genuine alumni of your partner school) you can ask your contact at the school to report the review. It will be immediately hidden from the school’s profile while we investigate. We do not allow the reporting of reviews simply because they are not favourable to the school. The only reason a review will be permanently removed from your profile is if it is not genuine or truthful.

Can I use CourseFinders to help me meet new language school partners?

Of course you can! The keyword search makes it very easy to find courses that are less common e.g. English and surfing. You can contact these schools via CourseFinders and then meet them face-to-face at an ICEF Workshop.

Can agencies display profiles on CourseFinders?

At present only schools can display profiles. In order to receive more student leads, we suggest that you talk to your partner schools about CourseFinders, ensure they have a complete profile with lots of reviews by students from your country and then ask the school to forward all relevant leads to you to follow up.

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