The longest words in different languages

There are always words in different languages that are difficult to learn. This can depend on certain sound sequences, but also on the length of the words.

Nevertheless, you have to learn long words in a language because this is the only way you can really use the language. The best way to learn them is like learning other words. So translate them and practice the spelling every day. And have always in mind: long words are not a thing of impossibility. You don’t have a problem with it in your mother tongue, do you?

The longest words in different languages



This word which is almost impossible to pronounce simply means the love for long words.



This word means a system that is responsible for drying your hands.


This word with 61 letters, believe it or not, designates a trainee as a vice lieutenant in the technical field who specialises in aircraft engines.

French, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese

“anticonstitutionnellement ” (French)

“anticonstitucionalmente” (Spanish)

“anticonstitucionalment” (Catalan)

“anticonstitucionalissimamente” (Portuguese)

A word that is probably used relatively frequently in some Romance languages and that you should definitely know when you are learning one of these languages. Translated in English it means “unconstitutional”.



This is how a girl who lived in Constantinople is called in Polish.


But also in German there are some long words, which are not only unique in this language, but also sound beautiful. You can also impress other learners with such words if you use them correctly! Here are some examples:


Especially in German there are many nested words. This means that in a long word you will find many small words that you can also find alone in the normal language. Here is an example:

Long word: Grundstücksverkehrsgenehmigungszuständigkeitsübertragungsverordnung
You will find these words in the long word: Grundstück – Verkehr – Genehmigung – Zuständigkeit – Übertrag – Verordnung

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