10 difficult words in English

Many people are learning languages – at home, in a school or just alone with books or different apps. But there are also some challenges like difficult words in English.

Of course, not everyone has problems with these words. But it is always a good idea to check the most difficult words and to occupy oneself with the correct spelling.

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10 difficult words in English

1) cemetery

Many language learners think, there is an “a”, but there isn’t! It is written only with “e”.

2) rhythm

This is a difficult word in English (and in many other languages). The difficulty here is, that there is only a single vowel plus a lot of “h”. So be careful when you have to write it!

3) liaison

You can also find French words in the English language which means that there are some special spelling rules. The triple vowel (iai) is tricky, but we need these three letters to have the correct spelling.

4) harass

If you pronounce this word, you will here two “r”. But the problem is: There is only one! So be always sure that you will write harass with one “r”.

5) pronunciation

This a hard one! The verb is written with “ou”, so it is “pronounce”. But the noun needs just the “u”, so it is “pronunciation”. In addition, you can hear the difference between the verb and the noun by saying them loud.

6) weird

In general, you’ll find the “i” before the “e”. But there is an exception: “weird”.

7) millennium

It is very common to write the word “millennium” with only one “n” which makes it to a difficult word in English. But that’s wrong. So when you want to write about the a millennium, be sure that you have two “n”.

8) recommend

Here it is the opposite: Many language learners write “recommend” with two “c”, but there is only one.

9) Caribbean

Did you know how to write this difficult word in English? It is a lot of tricky things, so be sure that you use the right letters in the correct order.

10) playwright

Playwrights write, but nevertheless, they aren’t written like the word “write”. The correct spelling is “wright” which you can remember by thinking of someone who builds a theatre experience.

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