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O szkole eChineseLearning

eChineseLearning, a leading online Chinese language learning platform based in China. Over the past 14 years, more than 150000 students from over 100 countries from age 3 to 86 have learned Chinese online with eChineseLearning. From 2006, eChineseLearning has been providing the best Chinese language education service worldwide at an affordable price and always focus on the needs of Chinese language learners and offer them effective and enjoyable Chinese language learning experience. eChienseLearning have been covered by mainstream media such as Economists, Foreign Policy, etc.

eChineseLearning customize all the lessons based on each student's Chinese level, needs and learning goals, so students can reach their individual goals and learn effectively at their own pace. We have a very strict screening process for selecting teachers (only select 1% of the applicants) to make sure teachers are highly qualified in teaching Chinese. eChineseLearning's lessons are available 24/7 so you can practice your Chinese anytime anywhere.

Last but not least, we provide every customer a free trial lesson without any obligation before signing up for a lesson package. It will help you to do a decision that whether you need to learn with eChineseLearning.

Visit eChineseLearning website at www.echineselearning.com to try a free trial and find out more!

Why choose us?

1. 1-to-1custimized live online lessons
2. Native, professionally trained and experienced Chinese teachers
3. 24/7, Take your Chinese lessons any time anywhere
4. Customized instruction at your own level, pace and style

Worry-Free Guarantee
1. 30-minute free trial lesson
2. 30-day money back guarantee

Feel free to contact us for more details:
Skype ID: service_eChineseLearning
WeChat: AC_eChineseLearning

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Chiński ogólny

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 3-85

Typ lokalizacji: Góry, Miasteczko uniwersyteckie, Miasto, Wybrzeże, Obszar wiejski

Poziomy: Poziom podstawowy, Zaawansowani, Wyższy średnio zaawansowany, Średnio-zaawansowani

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb intensywny 25+ godz./tydz., Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz., Tryb swobodny 10-15 godz./tydz.

One-to-One. Our focus is on you.
Our General Chinese lessons are designed to give learners systematic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing from our professional teachers, who have a wealth of Chinese language teaching (CLT) experience.
We also offer Chinese lessons for HSK, IB, BCT, YCT for Chinese learners all over the world.( age 3 to 86 )
You also can learn more about Chinese culture, etiquette and everything that you interested with your private Chinese tutor!

Regular Chinese lessons are divided into 9 levels, ranging from Beginner level to Advanced level.
Regular Chinese Lessons Level 1
This level is for Chinese learners who have no or very limited prior knowledge of Chinese language and may not be able to read Chinese pinyin or characters. You may not know basic Chinese words, and find it difficult to answer simple questions in Chinese.
You will study Chinese pronunciation and how to conduct basic conversations such as greetings, self-introduction, shopping (simple bargaining), food ordering, etc.
Regular Chinese Lessons Level 9
This level is for Chinese learners who can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read. You can express yourself spontaneously, fluently and precisely. You can understand and interpret critically virtually all forms of the written language including abstract, structurally complex, or highly colloquial literary and non-literary writings.
You will continue to learn advanced topics that appear in public media and writings. Your goal is to differentiate finer shades of meaning in extremely complex situations. And you will learn to write long theses to present your research findings.

Please feel free to contact us for more details:
Skype ID: service_eChineseLearning
WeChat: AC_eChineseLearning

Chiński - przygotowanie do egzaminu

0% Recenzje: 0

Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 3-86

Rozmiary klas: Jeden na jeden

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Wyższy średnio zaawansowany, Średnio-zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy

Chiński biznesowy

100% Recenzje: 1

Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 3-86

Typ lokalizacji: Wybrzeże, Obszar wiejski, Góry, Miasteczko uniwersyteckie, Miasto

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz., Tryb swobodny 10-15 godz./tydz., Tryb intensywny 25+ godz./tydz.

Rozmiary klas: Jeden na jeden

Poziomy: Średnio-zaawansowani, Wyższy średnio zaawansowany, Poziom podstawowy, Zaawansowani

Our Business Chinese courses are designed for those who intend to use Chinese language in business settings. Highly relevant study materials and individualized instruction are critical for business people when they prepare for their business activities in China. Business Mandarin courses are divided into 9 levels, ranging from Beginner Level ( Survival Business Chinese) to Advanced Level.

We also provide Customized Business Chinese Classes. Such as Medical Chinese Lessons, Finance Chinese lessons, Science Chinese lessons...etc

Chiński online

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 3-86

Profesjonalny angielski

0% Recenzje: 0

Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 3-86

Our one-to-one Chinese lessons can be tailor-made for each Chinese mandarin learner to meet his or her specific needs and pace of learning. Whether you want to do business in China, travel to China, improve your speaking, or prepare for a Chinese exam, we guarantee that you can learn Chinese that is catered to your needs!



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uczył(a) się Chiński ogólny

The reasons why I love eChineselearning?

I was born in Boston where my mom and dad decided to live their lives.

My mom is Korean and my Dad is a Chinese minority.

Since I was a kid they've been teaching me Korean as my mother tongue(family wise), Its was hard for me to not know how to speak English.

Apparently, everyone around me speaks English so I just learned it without any trouble.

When I was like 18 yrs old, they asked me whether I want to learn Chinese or not, I said YES without considerations, I just thought I should learn the language from my father side, Also I already spoke two different languages at that time when most of my friends only speak one.

So I started learning with a real-life tutor Christina Wang, She's an excellent teacher, thoughtful, and always have this passion with her life to do anything, she taught me more than just Chinese, I learned so many things from her, Such as how Chinese people treat their relationships and their POV of life.

One thing she said to me I could never forget: Tob, you are the artist of your life, you have a history most people don't. So use it, find it in your blood, dig in and turn them into your power.

She was there for my Chinese learning program kept me going on and on for 2 years.
Unfortunately, when I got to high school, I can't move around my time to continually see her for learning Chinese. She told me maybe I could give it a try where she has been co-working with, boom!! eChineselearning show up in my life.

In the beginning, I was totally overwhelmed with how to cope with this Online learning thing, I almost give up twice.

Since I got used to the online learning pattern, it was no longer a difficulty for me.

And eChineselearning has a lot of great teachers, you can totally choose your class time and their teachers are all around the world!!!!

They have been teaching Chinese Online for 14 years, no matter what level you currently are studying they are completely qualified to teach!

Well, if you are thinking of learning Chinese, eChineseLearning would be the best choice for you!

opublikował(a) 7 miesięcy temu



uczył(a) się Chiński biznesowy

Excellent school with professional staff

My businesses are closely communicating with Chinese, and I am going to do business in China in the future. Teachers from eChineseLearning set a personalised schedule of learning Chinese for me, which helps me a lot. For those who prefer to study with high efficiency, I would recommend this school.

opublikował(a) 9 dni temu


Samoa Amerykańskie   

uczył(a) się Chiński ogólny

A Great Chinese Online School

The Chinese classes are going super well. So far I've been enjoying each one of them. The teachers are lovely and I learn something new from each one of them! And what surprised me is that their teachers are really professional and they teach very well. I think my choice is right.

opublikował(a) 9 miesięcy temu



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