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inlingua Metro New York Language Schools
New York and New Jersey’s experts in language and cultural solutions
The mission of inlingua Metro New York is to provide the most effective language services for clients with professional, educational, business and/or social needs to communicate across language barriers. These services consist of cost-effective language and intercultural training and translation and interpretation services, all specifically tailored to our clients’ needs.
inlingua Metro New York draws from the resources of inlingua International, one of the most successful language and cultural training organizations in the world – with over 40 years of experience and 320 language schools worldwide.

inlingua Metro New York prides itself on the long-term, collaborative relationships we have built with our clients and the thousands of individual success stories we have written together.

At inlingua Metro New York, we are committed to being flexible and customer-oriented, while maintaining high levels of professional and ethical standards. We are also creative in our ability to design unique strategies to meet the varying needs of local and international organizations.


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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Whether you need English as a Second Language (ESL) for acclimating to the new culture, test prep, accent reduction, obtaining a job, speaking to your American in-laws, refreshing your skills, tutoring support for a child or meeting people and making new friends, inlingua has a program for you. We understand that language and culture are integrated and we include tips on etiquette and culture in our English lessons. And yes, Americans use a lot of idioms when they speak, and we can teach them, too. We can help you gain the skills to make your visit or new lifestyle in New York City or New Jersey enjoyable and successful.

Our English lessons can focus on:

- Accent reduction
- Building confidence and fluency
- Speaking with accuracy
- Learning idioms and building vocabulary
- Initiating conversation and socializing
- Writing

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Advancing Your Business Interest
At inlingua Metro New York we understand the full spectrum of needs an organization has for its foreign-born professionals, whether they are on assignment or have lived in the New York City / New Jersey area for many years and been educated at top U.S. universities.
High performance requires excellent communication skills even in one’s native language, and leaders, managers, and consultants for whom English is a second language can face challenges when trying to communicate their expertise. Professionals often appear to have adequate skills in business English, but their facility and effectiveness deteriorate in critical contexts such as meetings, teleconferences, negotiations, presentations, and client interactions. Our Business English for Management and Professional Development materials promote effective language learning communication skills and increased confidence.

We can deliver the following programs and more:

- Preparation for an assignment in NYC or NJ (See English for Social Purposes for spouse and children programs.)
- Conversational skills for general business purposes and contexts
- Specialized skills for meetings, presentations, finance, human resources, and more
- Accent reduction
- Grammar review
- Idiom and vocabulary building
- Writing skills



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