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O szkole inlingua Barcelona

inlingua Barcelona
inlingua Barcelona, with more than 45 years of experience, is a language school belonging to inlingua International, one of the world’s leading language service organizations.

inlingua Barcelona offers a professional team that is continuously formed to provide a quality service focused on results and the effective language proficiency by our students from the first class.

In all our courses, we apply the inlingua method, whose main objective is to use immediately what is learned in a practical, dynamic and effective way.

inlingua Barcelona is spacious and fully equipped, with over 700 m2 distributed over two-floors of a new building.

inlingua Method
The inlingua method is a constant invitation to immediately use what you learn in each class.

All of our teachers at inlingua Barcelona are highly qualified and specialise in teaching languages and exam preparation.

inlingua has its own publishing house and produces the majority of its teaching materials, which are used at its schools throughout the world.


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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Godziny w tygodniu: Tryb swobodny 10-15 godz./tydz., Tryb intensywny 25+ godz./tydz., Tryb normalny 15-25 godz./tydz.

Rozmiary klas: Duża, 11-20 uczniów, Średnia, 6-10 uczniów

Poziomy: Zaawansowani, Średnio-zaawansowani, Poziom podstawowy

Spanish Extensive courses
Our extensive Spanish courses are designed for individuals, professionals and students who reside for some time or permanently in Barcelona, and want to improve and acquire new knowledge and fluency in the Spanish language, working all aspects of the language.

Intensive Spanish Courses
Intensive Spanish courses can be made throughout the whole year with a minimum duration of two weeks.
If you are looking for intensive Spanish courses with flexible start dates and durations, with effective progress in learning, our intensive Spanish courses are the best option adapted to your needs.

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Our English, French, Spanish or German courses for adults are aimed at people who wish to acquire knowledge and fluency, enhancing the expression and understanding in a practical and effective way from the first class.

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Courses for students who want to prepare for one of the DELE exams offered at our school, as authorised by the Cervantes Institute. Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are officially recognised, accrediting the level of Spanish skills and mastery, which is issued by the Cervantes Institute, on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

Courses are adapted to the six official European levels, from A1 to C2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). There are several exam sittings per year.

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Cambridge ESOL
Cambridge ESOL exams are recognised throughout the world. Their purpose is to provide students and language teachers with access to a wide range of high-quality international exams that have a positive impact on their learning experience and professional development.

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 16-70

Poziomy: Poziom podstawowy, Średnio-zaawansowani, Zaawansowani

Rozmiary klas: Jeden na jeden

Spanish private lessons
At inlingua Barcelona, we are specialists in private lessons adapted to the concrete needs and desires of each participant.

We offer 3 types of private lessons:

> COMBI-LEARNING: This course combines in-house classes with online training.

Angielski - kurs dla juniorów

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Ten kurs jest przeznaczony dla uczniów w wieku:: 13-70

Children English Courses
inlingua Barcelona offers English courses for children segmented by age and level, with specific materials and specialized teachers. Our English courses for children are based on special abilities that children have to achieve a natural learning, with an innate and permanent language acquisition.
Ages: 6 to 11 years



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inlingua Barcelona


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la escuela Inlingua Barcelona no es una escuela seria porque en un año ha despedido a toda su plantilla de un día para otro y ha dejado colgados a muchísimos estudiantes. En cuanto a la plantilla nos han quedado a deber nominas, finiquito e indemnización.
FUTUROS ESTUDIANTES: Esta bien que os forméis pero desconfiad de una escuela que no ha sabido valorar ni a su personal ni a sus estudiantes. Nadie trabaja a cambio de nada.

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