Learn languages with YouTube part 1



Learn languages with YouTube part 1


Just because you want to learn a language unfortunately doesn’t mean you are actually going to do it. Why? Because your motivation will go down, because your off day is going to turn into an off week and you’ll give up, because you will realize it takes too much time and many other excuses. This ends here! Below there is list of YouTube videos and channels from people who have gone all the way with languages and want to share their knowledge with you and make this process easier for you. Let these popular polyglots inspire you and start or continue learning a language today!


5 techniques to speak any language by Sid Efromovich at TEDx

In this video Sid Efromovich, who is fluent in 7 languages, shares his insider tips to mastering any language.


One Simple Method to Learn Any Language by Scott Young & Vat Jaiswal at TEDx

Scott and Vat performed an experiment “The Year Without English” and in this video they talk about how  the method they used brings great results in learning languages.


Hacking language learning: Benny Lewis at TEDx

If you are passionate about languages, there is no way you haven’t heard about Benny Lewis, the popular Irish polyglot. Here he share’s a bit of his story and how his passion for languages started. He proves that you don’t have to have “the language gene” to learn a language fluently or even become a polyglot.


Luca Lampariello’s YouTube channel

Luca is an Italian polyglot and the author of the blog “The Polyglot Dream”.  On his channel you will find videos with many useful tips, multilingual videos, language learning strategies and more.


Benny Lewis’ YouTube channel

Benny’s channel is brings the fun to language learning. The channel starts off with “Skype Me Maybe” sung in over 30 languages by 17 polyglots. Here you will find many tips from Benny not only regarding languages but also travel. He also demonstrates his progress in learning new languages.


Susanna Zaraysky’s YouTube channel

Susanna Zaraysky is a famous female polyglot, who speaks eight languages and she’s the lady behind the Create Your World Book series, she likes to use music to help in language learning. Susanna shares her inspirational tips and secrets of learning languages.


Olly Richards’ YouTube channel

Olly Richards speaks 7 languages and is the founder of I Will Teach You a Language. On his channel he shares tips how to quickly and effectively learn a language. With his videos he answers questions that trouble us all, like “How can I learn a language without any ‘desk time’?” or “How do you maintain multiple languages?”.


Richard Simcott’s YouTube channel

Richard is a polyglot and a life-long language learner. He is the author of the blog Speaking Fluently. On his channel he shares language advice, videos from polyglot workshops and tips for learning languages, he also invites many interesting guests.



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