App-tip: Memrise

You would like to learn a foreign language and daily learning is important for you? Then you should take a look at the app Memrise. Of course there are a lot of apps you could use to learn a language, but Memrise has it all.

You can learn new languages, refresh your languages skills or choose another topic to learn something new. This are the topics:

  • Languages
  • Arts and literature
  • Maths and science
  • The natural world
  • History and geography
  • Memory training
  • Professional and careers
  • Standardised Test
  • Trivia
  • Entertainment

We look closely to the part Languages.

To learn a language with Memrise you have two possibilities:

1. You create your own course.
2. You take a course which already exists.

If you want to create your own course, you are the boss. You could choose which words you want to learn, how you organise them and if you declassify it to other Memrise users or not.

The second possibilty is to take a course which already exists. This way is a little bit easier because you can start today. You don’t have to create a course, you can just take it and start learning new words.

You have to try both opitions and find out which possibility is the best for you. Sometimes also a mix of both could be the best choice. You could learn new words in courses which are created from Memrise or other users and you could create your own courses to learn the words you need in your life. Additional you could also take more courses and learn more day by day. Memrise is very flexible and could be adapted to your daily learning routine.

So if you aren’t sure yet, you could try the free version. Otherwise you could start with the premium version which includes also some extra things. This version has (in addition to the normal courses) six extra functions:

1. Some courses are completed with sound: The words you learn are spoken by native speakers.
2. Memrise analyse the difficult words and put them into an extra folder. So you can repeat the difficult words in an easy way.
3. With the turbo mode you don’t have the possibilty to think about every word. You just have to choose the answer in a few seconds.
4. The premium version has an offline mode to learn new words wherever you are – with an internet connection or not.
5. You get also magical hints if you don’t know the word. (Only if you want of course.)
6. In some languages videos with native speakers are available. These languages are English (UK), Spanish (Spain), French, Portuguese (Portugal), Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

In addition you also get a specific analysis of your learning.

But also the motivation is important and because of that Memrise created the count of the days you learn with it. So if you want to learn every day, this funtion is very good to motivate yourself. Because if you stop learning one day, your run will restart at zero.

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