How is Christmas celebrated across the world?

Christmas traditions are what makes the holiday season great. Some traditions can be seen all over the world while others are specific for a certain country. Find out how Christmas traditions look all over the world.


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Holiday traditions in Australia

The holiday time in Australia comes at the start of the summer holiday, so the feeling is completely different. Decorations from the “Christmas Bush”, an Australian tree with off-white flowers and small green leaves are very popular. Each bigger city organizes an event called “Carols by Candlelight”, where Australian singers join in, it’s also broadcasted on TV. The Christmas meal often takes place at lunch time and can be a barbecue of seafood.


Holiday traditions in Belgium

In Belgium Santa Clause better known as Sinterklaas brings gifts on the th and 6th of December. Kids put out their boots next to the fireplace to receive presents and leave something for Santa, it can be a cookie or a drawing. The Santa rides a horse, so it’s a good idea to leave a carrot for him as well. Zwarte Piet, travels with them – Santa’s helper. It is said that if the child was naughty this year it will be taken by the helper in his sack.


Holiday traditions in the Philippines

Filipinos like to be in the holiday spirit as long as possible, which is why Christmas songs can be heard already in September. And the celebration lasts until the first Sunday in January or “Feast of the Three Kings”. The most popular Christmas decoration is the “parol”, that is a frame or just a piece of bamboo, decorated with colored paper and with a shining star. It is in honor of the star which the Three Kings followed.


Holiday traditions in Greece

On Christmas Eve, children are caroling around their neighborhoods, while playing on drums and triangles. They also carry a model of a ship with them, which is decorated with nuts and painted gold. The traditional table decoration is a Christmas bread with cinnamon, cloves and orange zest, adorned with a cross. Gifts are brought on the first of January by Saint Basil.


Holiday traditions in Costa Rica

The holiday season in Costa Rica coincides with the end of the school year and the beginning of the holidays. At home, nativity scenes are set up, which are decorated with flowers and even fruits. During the holidays, apples are very popular and are sold by the streets. Celebrations are accompanied by rodeos, parades, street parties and dance festivals.


Holiday traditions in Madagascar

On the evening of Christmas Eve most people go to a special mass, which lasts until midnight, and during which children perform – they sing or do performances about the birth of Jesus. Sweets and cookies are distributed in the church. Fresh lychee fruits are a traditional food during the festive period. Bethlehem stars grow wild in Madagascar and bloom not only during the holidays – they are the national symbol of this country.





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