Christmas traditions in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Japan

Christmas traditions in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Japan

Every country has its own Christmas traditions which are celebrated by every family. That could be a special decoration, a typical dinner or some games which are only played at Christmas.

Christmas traditions in …

… the United Kingdom

Chirstmas in the United Kingdom is often celebrated with the whole family that everyone can watch each other open their presents.

In addition the most families have a Christmas tree in their house. The Christmas tree was first popularised by the husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert. He was German and he wanted to celebrate Christmas one’s own special way. For the most families the decorating process of the tree is usually a family occasion because everybody helps.

Sometimes people use also holly, mistletoe or ivy to decorate their homes and buildings.

… New Zealand

In New Zealand a lot of people like to spend time on the beach or to go camping. Because of the high temperatures Santa Clause wears often “jandals”. Since the late 1950s these “jandals” are very popular in New Zealand. The name comes from the combination of the two words “Japanese Sandals”. In addition they are often used as a present.

A lot of people have also a Christmas tree in their house. The decoration of the tree is similiar to Christmas trees in the United Kingdom or the United States.

The typical Christmas lunch is a barbecue which often includes ham slices or exotic meat. Before this lunch – when the whole family is together – New Zealanders usually open their presents.

… Japan

Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Japan. But it is known as a time for happiness.

Nevertheless Christmas Eve is celebrated in the whole country. It is more a romantic day, in which couples spend time together (like on Valentine’s Day). Sometimes they exchange presents, too.

On Christmas day the most popular dishes are fried chicken, which is often prepared by restaurants like KFC, and a traditional Christmas cake, which is a cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

Furthermore there isn’t only Santa who distributes presents. Another famous character is Hoteiosho who is a Japanese god of good fortune.

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