How to learn Christmas vocabuary

In a few weeks is Christmas and all over the world, it is celebrated. There are Christmas markets (some of them start also this week) with many lights, delicacies like gingerbread or hot mulled wine and little things to buy for yourself or your friends. The time before Christmas is magical and even though it means a lot of stress you could use these weeks to improve your language skills.

How to learn Christmas vocabulary

A language has a lot of words and some of these are inspired by Christmas. So for the next weeks it will be good to know some of them. Here is a list:

artificial tree
Christmas card
Christmas carol
Christmas Eve
Christmas tree
family reunion
gingerbread house
gingerbread man
hot chocolate
jingle bells
north pole
plum pudding
santa Claus
santa’s elves
santa’s list

But a list isn’t enough. You need also a plan how to learn them. And there you have different possibilities:

1) You can learn them like “normal” words.

Words about Christmas are like “normal” words. This means that you can learn them using your normal habit. If you learn new words with flashcards, you could also learn Christmas words with flashcards. If you like to write sentences, you could write sentences. It is easy to learn these words while using your normal way of proceeding.

2) Read Christmas stories.

But there are also a lot of stories (also novels) about Christmas and in these books you can find the words. Start reading Christmas stories to get in touch with new words. And if you want to use them more often, you could start writing Christmas stories by your own. In this case you have to use the words in an active way.

3) Listen to songs which are typical for Christmas.

In addition, every country has special Christmas songs. (Everybody knows “Last Christmas”.) Look for songs which are typical for Christmas and which are in your learning language. Then listen to them, read the lyrics and start learning the new words you’ve found.

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