Christmas presents for language learners

In only one months is Christmas and it’s time to buy the Christmas presents! As a language learner you will have many ideas what you want and which things could help you to improve your language skills. But here are more ideas which are perfect for every language learner!

Christmas presents for language learners

1) A notebook

Every language learner needs a notebook. You can write down new words while talking to your language partner or you can use it like a personal language learning diary. In addition, it is also good to write small notes about grammar topics, word combinations or traditions in and for your learning language.

2) A small dictionary

Beside a notebook it is recommendable to have a small dictionary with you that you can look up a word when it comes in mind.

3) A guidebook

A language journey could be awesome, but it is alsways difficult to find the right place. A guidebook can help because there are all information about the country, the language, the costs and the traditions.

4) A gift card from an online shop or a bookstore

Language learners should also read a lot in their learning language. With a gift card it is easy to buy books, like novels or textbooks, to learn the foreign language.

5) A subscription for a magazine or a newspaper

A subscription for a magazine or a newspaper in the right language is also a great idea. The advantage is that the presentee doesn’t have to go out to buy something to read. Every months, the magazine or newspaper will be delivered so that it only takes time to read it.

6) And the best present for a language learner is – of course – a language journey

That would be – probably – the best present a language learner could get. On the one hand the presentee can enjoy another country and meet people from all over the world, on the other hand he or she can learn a foreign language wherever he or she want!
In addition, there are a lot of different language courses, like Business language courses or preparation classes for language exams! Our selection on can help you to find the perfect place for the lucky one!

So … let’s celebrate Christmas in different languages!

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