10 ways to learn a foreign language outside the classroom



10 ways to learn a foreign language outside the classroom


Attending a language class brings great results, however there are many opportunities to learn a foreign language outside the classroom. Take a look at the options, make small changes in your everyday schedule and find time for learning languages every day.


1. Read a book, magazine, blog etc.

There are so many options to reading in a foreign language. There are books of various genres, magazines, newspapers, blogs and news online. Choose whatever you like to brush up on new vocabulary.


2. Be active on social media

Check facebook, twitter and pinterest for language learning accounts and resources. The choice is abundant so you can find something that is the best for you. Since nowadays social media is so popular it won’t even feel like learning.


3. Talk to a native speaker online

Use the option to find a partner with whom you can speak in each other’s native languages online. Language exchange is a great opportunity to share the knowledge you have on your mother tongue with your partner and benefit from his.


4. Make friends with foreigners

Find Erasmus or foreign exchange students in your school. Get to know them. Except for meeting new people and finding friends you can learn languages in the process. Your new friends can encourage you in learning their language and help you as well.


5. Listen to an audiobook

Listening to an audiobook can be a great way to learn languages if you don’t have enough time during the day. You can squeeze it in when you’re on commute or when you’re doing house chores. It’s a great way to pick up on pronunciation, learn new vocabulary and sentence structures.


6. Watch movies

You can watch movies in a foreign language and with foreign subtitles. In that way if you miss anything in speech you can pick it up in writing. Watching movies can also help you get a feel of the culture and make you understand the language better.


7. Listen to music and sing

Listening to music in the foreign language you’re learning is an easy way to learn the correct pronunciation. If you add singing to it you will help your brain remember it. Take a look at the lyrics and learn new words. This is a fun way to learn, which you can use when grammar books become a bit overwhelming.


8. Word of the day

Subscribe to a word of the day. It’s easy, free and convenient. You can write down the words in your notebook, make a file on your computer or a note in your phone. That way you will keep track of all the new words you learn or can revise words that were difficult to remember. After a week of collecting words you can write a sentence with each one to better remember them and to practice them in use.


9. Change the language in your phone

Change the language on your phone to the foreign language you are learning. Whenever you try to do something on your mobile you can learn new words.


10. Find an app

There are many free apps available for your phone, which focus on learning languages. It’s a convenient and fun way to learn. You can learn even if you have just five minutes and when you’re on the go.


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