Polyglot profile: Richard Simcott



Polyglot profile: Richard Simcott


Richard Simcott is a life-long language learner from Chester, England who studied more than 40 languages. Apart from being a language learner he is also a language teacher and consultant working worldwide.

His experience is valued in the language learning community, he consulted for articles about languages learning in The Times and Forbes. He was also named one of the most multilingual people from UK by HarperCollins.

On his blog – Speaking Fluently – he gives advice on language learning, talks about different language learning methods and strategies and discusses many different languages including Polish, Mandarin, Turkish and many more.

Besides popular topics related to learning languages he also tackles subjects like “What’s a rusty language?”. This expression perfectly describes the state of a language slowly slipping away from us, but the foundations are still there.  Simcott draws on his own experiences when talking about languages going rusty and how to de-rust them!

In another one of his posts the polyglot talks about a question he is often asked, that is how fast can you learn a language. Where he tells the obvious but often overlooked truth, that language learning requires hard work and determination; and how fast you can learn a language depends solely on you and your learning regime.

If you prefer watching over reading visit Richard Simcott’s YouTube channel. There you will find videos focusing on different languages, the polyglot speaking in different languages, language advice and more great resources to help you learn languages and get you inspired.

Richard Simcott along with Alex Rawlings and Olly Richards organize polyglot workshops where they talk about how they have succeeded in learning languages as well as techniques to learn any language, how to reach an advanced level, how to understand real language and how to keep yourself motivated. Visit Polyglot Workshops for more information.


Find out  more about Richard Simcott on his blog Speaking Fluently.

Source: https://speakingfluently.com/


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