Spanish expressions with colours

Spain is a country full of colours, you can see it among its locals, their cuisine and culture. The Spanish language can also be described as full of colour, both figuratively and literally. You will find many phrases related to colours in it. Many of these expressions are similar to other languages like English. Learn the most interesting Spanish expressions with colours.


Rojo – red

Ponerse rojo – to blush

Ponerse rojo de ira – to go red with anger


Azul – blue

Tener sangre azul – to have blue blood, to belong to aristocracy or to behave like that


Verde – green

Poner verde a alguien – to criticize someone, to talk badly about someone

Estar verde – to be green, to not know anything or to be innocent

Estar verde de envidia – to be green with envy


Marrón – brown

Comerse el marrón – to bear the consequences, not necessarily for something that you have done

Pillar a alguien de marron – to catch someone in the act, to catch someone red handed


Negro – black

Verlo todo negro – to look at the everything pessimistically

Ponerse/estar negro – to get angry

Tener la negra – to have bad luck


Rosa – pink

Verlo de color rosa – to look at everything optimistically


Morado – purple

Ponerse morado – to have eaten too much

Pasarlas moradas – to have a difficult time


Blanco – white

Estar sin blanca – to be broke

Dar en el blano – to hit the nail on the head

Ponerse blanco – to get scared

Quedarse en blano – to forget what you were talking about

Pasar la noche en blanco – to have a sleepless night


The words „rosa” and „naranja” also have meanings other than colours. „Rosa” is also a rose, and „naranja” i san orange. There are two interesting expressions related to the second meanings of these words.


Estar como una rosa – to look good, to feel well

Ser la media naranja – to be someone’s other half


Did you know all these Spanish expressions with colours? Which of the above did you like the most? To know them better and learn them, try to arrange colourful sentences.

This post is also available in: Polish

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