False friends in Spanish

False friends in Spanish

Learning a foreign language means to get in touch with difficult words or false friends. A false friend is known by every language learner and could be described as a word which is frequently confused with a word in another language. The reason for that phenonmenon is that these two words sound or look similar, although they have a different meaning.

In addition there are false friends in nearly every language. Here are some articles you could read:

But which false friends do we have in Spanish?


  • Actual: means current; actual is translated as real, efectivo
  • Asistir: means to attend, to be present at, to assist; assist is translated as ayudar


  • Bizarro: means brave, dashing, gallant; bizarre is translated as extraño
  • Bombero: means firefighter; bomber is translated as bombardero


  • Carpeta: means folder; carpet is translated as alfombra
  • Chocar: means strike; choke is translated as ahogar
  • Colegio: means high school; college is translated as universidad
  • Compromiso: means commitment; compromise is translated as componenda
  • Condescender: means to agrre, to comply; condescend is translated as dignarse


  • Delito: means crime; delight is translated as deleite, delicia
  • Desgracia: means mistake, misfortune; disgrace is translated as vergüenza
  • Disgusto: means worry, annoyance; disgust is translated as repugnancia, asco
  • Dormitorio: means bedroom; dormitory is translated as residencia universitaria


  • Embarazada: means pregnant; embarrassed is translated as avergonzada
  • Empresa: means company, business enterprise; empress is translated as emperatríz
  • Éxito: means hit, success; exit is translated as salida


  • Largo: means long; large is translated as grande
  • Lectura: means reading; lecture is translated as conferencia
  • Librería: means bookstore; library is translated as biblioteca


  • Parada: means stop (bus stop); parade is translated as desfile
  • Pretender: means to attempt; pretend is translated as fingir


  • Realizar: means to come true; realize is translated as darse cuenta
  • Recordar: means to remind, to remember; record is translated as grabar
  • Ropa: means clothes; rope is translated as cuerda


  • Sopa: means soup; soap is translated as jabón
  • Suceso: means event; success is translated as éxito

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