Podcasts for learning languages



Podcasts for  learning languages


In this post you will find out about podcasts, which either teach a certain language or talk about language learning in general and give tips about the process.

Check out the list of our favorite podcasts and choose ones for yourself.


Language learning tips and inspiration


 The Creative Language Learning Podcast

This awesome podcast by Kerstin Hammes Cable brings you useful tips for learning languages, inspiring discussions with guests from the foreign language world and shares relevant language news. Some of the guests include Lindsay Dow of Lindsay Does Languages, Benny Lewis of Fluent in 3 Months and Tammy Bjelland of Language in Bloom. Some of the topics include: Language careers, language events, language inspiration; why you language learning goals suck and what to do about it; and how becoming a musician can improve your languages. Find out more by listening to the podcast.



I Will Teach You a Language

This podcast is by Olly Richards, a polyglot and language expert running his own blog. Here you will find motivation to learn languages and become fluent in any language you choose. He gets straight to the point. Some of the questions Olly answers include: How can I restart learning a language? Is it really a bad idea to learn multiple languages? and DO I have to travel to learn a language? Find out the answers to these questions by listening to his podcast.



Language Mastery

John Fotheringham is the man behind The Language Mastery Show, a podcast which brings you useful language learning tips and interviews with polyglots, language educators and language bloggers and podcasters. Some of the inspiring people John has interviewed are Luca Lampariello, Richard Simcott, Olly Richards, Kerstin Hammes and Chris Broholm.



The Actual Fluency Podcasts

As the author of the podcast, Chris Broholm says “The Actual Fluency Podcast is a Podcast for language learners who want to be inspired, informed and entertained on a weekly show.” On the show you will meet interesting guests who will inspire you and help you take your language passion to a higher level. Chris is an aspiring polyglot himself, on a journey to learn 10 languages in 10 years. In the podcast he also shares his methods, tips and tricks. Tune in to find out more.



Language learning podcasts


Radio Lingua

This site offers learning podcasts for 4 languages – French, Spanish, German and Italian. French and Spanish are available in four levels (beginner – advanced). German and Italian are currently available only in beginner level.



News in Slow

This podcast introduces language learning in the context of current news. It is available in three languages – Spanish, French and Italian.



Survival Phrases

This podcast focuses on travel phrases and tips as well as cultural insight – basically all essentials for a trip abroad. It is available in 27 languages.



Language Pod 101

This popular series offers podcasts with videos for over 30 languages. Some of the not so common include Persian, Thai, Polish, Hebrew and Cantonese.



Better at English

This podcast is ran by Lori Linstruth who is experienced in teaching and translating. It is aimed at helping EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners improve their English and is based on relevant, everyday topics.



Notes in Spanish

With this podcast you can listen to real Spanish everyday conversations. It’s available in three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. The podcast is made by Ben and Marina. Marina is from Spain and Ben is English and first came to Spain in 1998 and didn’t speak a word of Spanish.



Talk in French

Frédéric Bibard delivers an interesting podcast focusing on everything about France, French culture and language.



Deutsche Welle Podcasts

DW offers a lot of podcasts in German to choose from and each is focused on a different topic.



Italian LingQ

This podcast is available in three levels and you can choose the topics that interest you, such as everyday life, politics, food and drink, travel, history and more.



Yes Japan

These lessons are originally made as videos but are also available as podcasts. This series provides vocabulary, grammar and Japanese culture.



Speaking Russian

Learn Russian vocabulary and phrases with Elvira Ivanova.




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