Polyglot profile: Alex Rawlings



Polyglot profile: Alex Rawlings


Alex Rawlings is a polyglot, blogger and language teacher. He currently teaches four languages (English, German, Russian, Greek) and offers coaching for people who want to develop the skill of simultaneous learning of multiple languages. He runs his own blog which is called Rawlangs.


Alex was surrounded by languages since a very young age. Due to his Greek heritage he was drawn to learning the language of his ancestors. At the age of 14 he started learning languages independently and went on to study languages at Oxford University. In 2012 he was named Britain’s most multilingual student after winning a national Harper Collins competition, where he proved his fluency in 11 languages.


On his blog you can find many useful articles including ones with tips, resources and videos such as: “How to ‘defrost’ the languages you used to know”, “Ten ways to learn Greek for free” and “Speaking Hungarian after 9 months in Budapest ”.


In one of his posts (“What is a polyglot?”) Alex talks about polyglottery, which is not his favorite word and he tried avoiding it before writing the article. He explains his aversion to the word and how the knowledge of language is hard to quantify and therefore calling someone a polyglot can be very subjective. Read the whole article to find out what made Alex change his mind about the word ‘polyglot’.


On the site you will also find courses and workshops. Alex Rawlings is a qualified professional language teacher and he offers two types of courses (lessons in English, German, Greek or Russian) – fast track to intermediate (regular lessons) and language consultation (individual sessions), both are taught over Skype. The Polyglot workshops are run by Alex Rawlings and Richard Simcott. The aim of the workshops is to spread practical information about language learning all around the world and is an opportunity to meet other people passionate about languages.


Find out more about Alex Rawlings, his courses and workshop  on his blog.


Source: https://rawlangs.com/


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