Why should learning a new language be your number one New Year’s resolution?



Why should learning a new language be your number one New Year’s resolution?



With over two weeks into the new year, it’s time for a validation of your New Year’s resolutions. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? What are they? And most importantly have you done anything to get closer to achieving them? Or have you already given up on them?


Well this is another chance for you to make a new New Year’s resolution!


A New Year is an opportunity to start fresh and make changes in your life that you’ve been longing throughout the whole previous year. However often they lead to disappointment, because we give up on them just as quick as we make them.




So why is learning a new language or mastering the one you’ve been trying to learn for so long the best possible New Year’s resolution?


That is because learning a language is so much more than just that, it’s accompanied by a set of additional benefits that make language learning worthwhile.


How can learning a new language change your life? Find out below…


Except for the most obvious change in your life – being able to speak another language – you will have opened the doors to a new culture and everything that comes with it – music, movies, novels, poems, series. Maybe you are the biggest fan of French literature or German hip-hop, but you just don’t know it yet, because you don’t know the language well enough. Learn a new language and find out what you’re passionate about.


You will be doing something good for your brain! Learning something new, memorising, challenging your brain is what keeps it working and helps it battle dementia and makes you stay on top of things. So learning a new language would not just be doing something for yourself but also for your health.


It will give you an advantage at work, no matter what you do and where you work knowing another language can only strengthen your current position. Even if it’s a language you can’t use at work (although you never know when might a foreign client come along and give you an opportunity to shine) it will still show your boss you are dedicated, capable and ambitious.


If you have yet to find your significant other, learning a new language can help you find someone who will share your passion. Not only will it give your more opportunities to meet new people – at a language course, in the library, online, through language exchange, but also give you something interesting to talk about in other social situations.



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