Polyglot profile: Luca Lampariello



Polyglot profile: Luca Lampariello


Luca Lampariello is a polyglot who has been learning languages for over 20 years and has reached fluency in 9 languages excluding Italian, which is his mother tongue. He runs his own blog called the Polyglot Dream.


On his blog Luca stresses that “languages cannot be taught, they can only be learned”. This is what his unique method is based upon. He doesn’t offer an easy hack or a quick solution to learn languages. What he will show you is how to develop a solid language core, which will give you quality results.


He debunks language learning myths such as the necessity to travel abroad to learn a language, that learning as an adult is much harder or that learning a language needs to take up most of your time. He encourages taking control over the learning process as opposed to leaving it all in the hands of a teacher and making learning languages an everyday experience through living them and not studying them.


On the Polyglot Dream you can sign up for free training and get access to resources on talent and language learning, a guide on how to start learning a foreign language, using people as a resource to learn languages, what role emotion play in the language learning process. You will also get a chance to read some of the author’s personal stories.


The polyglot started a video series called #AskLucaAnything in which he answers questions from his readers and shares his personal stories and tips on language learning. On the blog you will find articles such as “11 crucial lessons that helped me learn 11 languages”, “When your approach to language learning is just not working” and “How to learn vocabulary efficiently without flashcards”.  Some posts are available in other languages including German, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Japanese.


Find out more about Luca Lampariello, his method and tips for language learning on his blog.


Source: https://www.thepolyglotdream.com/

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