Using the radio to learn a language


Using the radio to learn a language is definitely a top tip. You will not unfortunately be able to learn a foreign language solely by listening to the radio (sorry, it’s never that easy!), but radio is a fine tool when utilised alongside a range of other fun resources.

The internet facilitates using the radio to learn a language. With online radio stations we now have access to the radio from almost any country of our choice.

Radio provides us with the songs of artists from our desired country, singing lyrics in our second language with authentic native pronunciation, and we can also tune into talk show style programmes.

Both have their benefits and when using the radio to learn a language I would suggest listening to a bit of both, as and when you fancy. Never be too rigid with your studies and always follow your heart in order to keep things fresh and fun.

As you would do with the radio of your own native country, try a few different radio stations until you find the ones that you really like. Ploughing on through gritted teeth is not brave or studious, it is a strategy that will only waste your time.

If you are someone who enjoys sport, find a radio station that discusses sport. If you are someone who loves politics, find a station that focuses on political news or debate. If you like celebrity gossip, then find a station that keeps you informed of the latest stories and scandals.

Once you have sourced your radio station or stations and saved them for easy future access you need to set aside time to listen and make sure that you remember to do so. Again, the best way to remember is to get so engrossed into a radio station that you genuinely want to tune in.

When using the radio to learn a language you can leave the radio on in the background as your subconscious will continue passively picking up useful data in terms of vocabulary, pronunciation, and culture, and intersperse this with periods of more active, intense and focused listening.

Try not to get too worried about not understanding everything you hear. Even if you understand almost nothing you will still be adapting your ear to the sound and rhythm of your second language. Little by little you will feel yourself improving and the light getting brighter at the end of the tunnel.

It´s not easy to understand a foreign language so don´t focus too much on what you don´t understand, rather pat yourself on the back for what you do understand and look at it all as a great challenge that you are slowly but surely winning.

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