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That's Mandarin is one of the oldest Chinese language and technology schools in China. With a unique approach to language learning and our own in-house teaching methodologies; we aim to be not only the most experienced, but also one of the best Mandarin schools in China!

We focus on providing the smoothest service and the best teaching experience to all our students; no matter whether they are studying Chinese online with our innovative online language learning system or at one of our Chinese language schools in China.

Founded in Beijing in 2005, That's Mandarin has been growing strong ever since. We now have schools in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen with plans to open more locations in more cities soon.


  • Eventi sul campus
  • Arte / Pittura
  • Presentazione shock culturale
  • Eventi locali culturali (festival, ecc)


  • Appartamento condiviso
  • In hotel / pensione
  • Sul campus universitario

Servizi aggiuntivi

  • Assistenza per visti
  • Consulenza agli studenti
  • Trasferimento aeroporto / stazione


Generale Cinese

94% 16 Recensioni

Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 18-70

Ore settimanali: Rilassato 10-15 ore / settimana, Intensivo 25+ ore / settimana, Generale 15-25 ore / settimana

Tipo di località: Città

Livelli: Avanzato, Principanti, Intermedio, Intermedio superiore

Dimensione delle classi: Medio, 6-10 studenti, Individuale, Piccolo, 2-5 studenti

1. Intensive Group Class
- 3 classes every day, 15 classes every week, Mon-Fri
- 9:00-11:50am (50 mins per class)
- up to 8 students
- X2 Student Visa

2. Part-time Group Class
- 4 classes every week
- Mon+Wed 10am-12pm/7-9pm; Tue+Thu 10am-12pm/7-9pm
- up to 8 students

3. Private 1-on-1
- flexible content
- flexible schedule
- online/offline

Cinese online

94% 3 Recensioni

Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 7-70

Tipo di località: Campagna, Mare, Città

Ore settimanali: Rilassato 10-15 ore / settimana

Livelli: Principanti, Intermedio, Intermedio superiore, Avanzato

Dimensione delle classi: Individuale

We offer Online Mandarin Chinese courses open to beginner and intermediate students of all ages and from all over the world.

We have developed our own online learning platform called Nihao Cafe which enables students preview before classes by playing around different activities, helps students write down all the notes digitally on the platform, and let them review all the learning materials as well as notes after class on their PC or in the APP.

Programmi Cinese Junior

96% 1 Recensione

Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 7-17

Tipo di località: Città

Ore settimanali: Rilassato 10-15 ore / settimana

Seasonal Course: Luglio, Giugno, Agosto

Dimensione delle classi: Medio, 6-10 studenti

Livelli: Principanti, Intermedio, Intermedio superiore, Avanzato

That's Mandarin has been organizing Chinese Summer Camp for over 10 years and every year we welcome over 300 individuals from all over the world.

• Classes-only Camp: Chinese lessons only
• Day Camp: Chinese lessons, cultural activities, field trips and lunch
• Full Camp: Chinese lessons, cultural activities, field trips, 3 meals per day, hotel accommodation, evening and weekend activities
• Homestay Camp: Chinese lessons, cultural activities, field trips, 3 meals per day, homestay accommodation, evening and weekend activities
• Family Camp: Day camp for children and Chinese program for parents



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That's Mandarin

Stati Uniti   

studiato Generale Cinese

Hassle-free and happy experience

I had a very pleasant and fun experience refreshing my putonghua Speaking and reading abilities with the teachers at Thats Mandarin. All the teachers are professional and are easy to converse with across some common topics and relevant current issues. Their Online learning platform is also easy to use which reinforces and enables ongoing learning.

All the staff there are helpful in our navigation of the city in terms of things to do and booking things. All in all a hassle-free and happy experience!

pubblicato 2 mesi fa

That's Mandarin


studiato Generale Cinese

Fantastic Group Class Experience

I studied for 3 months at That's Mandarin in Beijing and I really loved it! Group classes are small (about 4/5 people) so everybody has the possibility to understand and, the most important thing, to practice the language! I learnt a lot from this school, I absolutely recommend!

pubblicato 14 giorni fa

That's Mandarin

Repubblica Ceca   

studiato Generale Cinese

Nice school with professional staff

I’m currently taking a part-time group course at That’s Mandarin. The teachers are very experienced as they are able to explain grammatical structures very clearly. In addition, I found their online learning app Mandarin café very useful in terms of self-studying.

pubblicato 14 giorni fa

That's Mandarin


studiato Cinese online

Happy with my choice

I am now taking an online course with That’s Mandarin and I think I made the right choice. The course materials are all closely related to daily life topics, and I am now able to make simple Chinese sentences. I will definitely continue studying with them.

pubblicato 14 giorni fa

That's Mandarin

Nuova Zelanda   

studiato Generale Cinese

The right place to study Chinese.

I’ve been studying Chinese at That’s Mandarin since August and my Chinese language skill has been significantly improved. My course consultant is very attentive and treats my requirements and needs as her top priority. That’s Mandarin is the right choice for those who would like to learn Chinese.

pubblicato 14 giorni fa

That's Mandarin


studiato Programmi Cinese Junior

Will come back again next year!

I took classes with That's Mandarin in June. My teachers were all super nice and know how to make classes fun and enjoyable. At the beginning I felt a bit nervous and didn't want to talk much in class, but my teachers were always encouraging me to speak Chinese, which made me feel much easier talking with my classmates in Chinese.

pubblicato 14 giorni fa

That's Mandarin


studiato Generale Cinese

It was fun!

I started to study Chinese at That’s Mandarin in May and everything was really good. I was studying in a group and I had plenty of chances to speak Chinese in class. My teacher was really funny and often told us interesting facts about Chinese culture. Loved it!

pubblicato 15 giorni fa

That's Mandarin


studiato Cinese online

Excellent online classes

I had online classes with That’s Mandarin for three months and I was quite satisfied with the classes they offered online. They have their own online platform where you can see your teacher and the new words and phrases at the same time. My teacher was very nice and left some homework for me every time after the class. The connection was very good when using their online platform to have classes, which made everything easy and clear.

pubblicato 16 giorni fa

That's Mandarin

Hong Kong   

studiato Generale Cinese

Great school, great teachers

I’ve just finished my course at That’s Mandarin and I really enjoyed it. I took an intensive course and my classes were well-organized. Class contents were designed in such a way that you would never feel bored in class. I had two teachers and they were both very nice and polite, and everything was clearly explained. In addition, their online learning app Mandarin Café is great. You can review your notes whenever you want as long as you have a PC or a mobile phone.

pubblicato 20 giorni fa

That's Mandarin


studiato Generale Cinese

Nice Environment and Professional Teachers

I studied Chinese at That’s Mandarin for half a year and it was very good. I was actually able to start having simple conversations in Chinese after only a few classes. The school environment is impeccable, and my teacher was very nice.

pubblicato 20 giorni fa



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