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Informazioni Rotorua English Language Academy

We are a private English language school in the central North Island of New Zealand. We have capacity for 180 students, with General English at all levels, as well as TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS preparation. We have an extensive Activities programme, as Rotorua has beautiful lakes, forest areas for walking, adventure activities, water activities and a large variety of tourist attractions. We usually have a good number of senior students (aged 50+), and we also provide High School Preparation, English with Activities, English with Horse-riding and English with Spa Treatments. The school has been established for 15 years, and is a member of English New Zealand and Quality English. It has built a strong reputation for excellent teaching and good quality programmes. Rotorua is a tourist centre, and we are lucky to have a lot of Homestay families who are very experienced in offering a high quality Homestay experience. Rotorua has a population of just 65,000. It is a city in which there is plenty to do, but it is also small enough for students to be able to focus on their study. We usually have about 12 nationalities in the school at any time.


  • Golf
  • Equitazione
  • Nuoto


  • Alloggio in famiglia ospitante
  • In hotel / pensione
  • Sul campus universitario


  • Sauna / Benessere
  • Turismo culturale (teatro, museo, etc.)
  • Escursioni
  • Visite della città storica
  • Eventi locali culturali (festival, ecc)


Generale Inglese

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Livelli: Avanzato, Principanti, Intermedio

Dimensione delle classi: Grande, 11-20 studenti, Medio, 6-10 studenti

Ore settimanali: Rilassato 10-15 ore / settimana

Students can begin any General English course on Monday in any week, if the course is available that week. The average class size is 8 students. The maximum number of students in a class is 12. The school is open all year, except for Public Holidays.
On arrival at Rotorua English Language Academy, all students will be given an assessment test to find their level of English.

General English Course

Mornings – 3 hours each morning (15 hours per week)

Our General English course will help you improve your English as quickly as possible, whether you need English for your work or for your personal use. You will be in a multi-national class with other students of the same level, using the most modern course books and materials, such as the latest versions of Global and New English File. All our regular teachers have the University of Cambridge CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL, and bring a wide range of teaching experience to their classes. We emphasise the importance of helping students to communicate fluently and confidently in English, and will work with you to improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The course allows you either to study just General English, or to combine this with other specialised courses in the afternoon.

Afternoons – 2 hours each afternoon (Monday – Thursday)

The integrated skills afternoon programme is designed to develop all four major skills – reading and writing, listening and speaking – and the various sub-skills that they involve. We aim to integrate (connect together) these skills so that you achieve the right balance between understanding (receptive skills) and using (productive skills) in real contexts and for real purposes. The tasks you undertake in class will develop your vocabulary in various topic areas, increase your fluency and confidence and provide plenty of opportunities for feedback on your accuracy.

On Friday afternoons, students have the choice of joining the Friday afternoon activity with a RELA tutor, or self-study under the supervision of a RELA tutor, using audio and video recordings, computer programmes, selected websites, multi-media materials to supplement your course book and the school library of graded readers. Or, you can choose to have some free time to pursue your own interests.

50+ English For Older Students Course At RELA

Why English for Older Students in Rotorua?

Because Rotorua is a unique place with so much to offer:
Amazing geothermal parks, beautiful forests, lakes, beaches, flower gardens and a clean, green natural environment
Maori culture: arts and crafts, stunning cultural performances, history and legends
An endless variety of activities to suit everyone’s tastes: world class golf courses, nature walks, fishing, museums and art galleries, hot pools and spa treatments, animal and bird shows, sightseeing tours on land and on water, wining and dining and the full range of sporting and leisure activities
A huge range of local and international cuisine and wines; world class restaurants and hotels
Central North Island location—the perfect base for exploring the region: weekend trips to the beaches of the Bay of Plenty, Lake Taupo and the Waitomo Caves and much more.

Why English for Older Students at RELA?

Because RELA is a unique school, ideally suited to meet the needs of mature students:
Welcoming, family-like ambience—you will immediately feel relaxed and cared for
Beautiful gardens and grounds —a lovely environment for learning
Highly experienced teachers who are skilled in responding to your individual needs
A caring management team who will assist and support you
Interesting, stimulating topics and useful, ‘real-life’ language for international communication

English With Activities

Our English with Activities course is for people wanting to see more of Rotorua, try new experiences and learn English at the same time. It is an ideal holiday! You will have classes in the morning, with our friendly teachers and then you can enjoy trying new things and seeing some of Rotorua’s great sights and thermal activity in the afternoons.This is a very popular course, and is good for people who only have a short amount of time to spend in Rotorua.

All Students Under 18 years old

A RELA enrolment form needs to be signed by the parent or guardian and faxed or emailed to RELA before the student arrives.

Students under 16

Each student aged under 16 will be brought to school each day and then picked up again and taken home at the end of the day.

English with Spa Treatments

The English with Spa Treatments package is a 2 week programme which offers students a chance to learn English, as well as experience four geothermal spa treatments and a selection of local visitor attractions. Exclusive to the Rotorua English Language Academy, the package includes all tuition and registration fees, spa treatments, activities, airport transfers, transfers to and from spa treatments, daily entry to the Polynesian Spa Public and Priest pools and home-stay. Motel or hotel accommodation can also be arranged at an extra cost.

With a maximum of 12 students per class, students have the chance to increase their knowledge of the English language. On arrival at the school, students are tested to determine what class they are placed in. When they finish their lessons, students have the chance to choose from an itinerary of spa treatments and scenic tours around the city. Treatments are offered at three of Rotorua’s world-class spa facilities: Wai Ora Spa, Polynesian Lake Spa Retreat and Spa at QE.

Package includes:

2 weeks of English lessons at RELA in the mornings (maximum of 12 students in a class)
Registration and Placement fees
RELA placement test and orientation on the first day
Welcome pack
Free tea and coffee each day
Free email and internet access
Certificate and a small gift at the end of the course
Host family accommodation with breakfast and dinner provided each school day, plus three meals at the weekends (other accommodation options available on request)
Airport transfers on arrival and departure from Auckland or Rotorua airport
Transfers from school to all spa treatments and activities
Weekend and after school activities
3 half-hour spa treatments and 1 one-hour treatment at three world-renowned spas
Entry and guided tours around 3 of Rotorua’s best known and most popular activities
A City Tour
Daily admission to bathe at Polynesian Spa adult pools

Family English Programme

RELA is pleased to be able to offer a Family English Package. This is for those parents who would like to come and study some English with us while their child studies at a local primary school, pre-school or at RELA.We have had a number of families coming to study with us in the past. Some come for just 2 or 3 weeks while others stay for up to a year.
Familes can choose to stay in one of our homestays, at a local motel with self-catering kitchen facilities or rent a house for the time they are here.

English With Golf (Seniors)

Option 1 – 4 weeks of English with homestay accommodation
RELA is pleased to offer an outstanding package that includes English lessons in the morning and unlimited golf in the afternoons and at weekends at ONE of Rotorua’s premier gold clubs.

Option 2 – 4 weeks of English with motel accommodation

The second option is for those students who would like to be more independent. The package includes English lessons in the morning and unlimited golf in the afternoons and at weekends at TWO of Rotorua’s premier golf clubs.

Longer or shorter options are also available. Courses can also be tailored to suit. Please enquire for more information.

English With Golf (Juniors)

RELA is pleased to offer an outstanding package that includes English lessons in the morning and golf lessons combined with activities in the afternoons and at weekends.

This package is aimed at teenagers hoping to improve both their English and golf handicap while experiencing all that Rotorua has to offer. Rotorua has a superb selection of golf courses catering to all skill levels. Students are tested on their arrival at school and placed in a class at their appropriate English level in the mornings. On two afternoons a week the students have a lesson with a local Rotorua golf professional. On the other three weekdays they join in on our very popular English with activities course. At the weekend students will have access to a round of golf at one of Rotorua’s premier golf courses.

English With Horseriding

RELA is able to offer General English in the mornings at a level to suit your ability and to arrange lessons with Mrs Lynn Brown, an experienced instructor and equestrian coach in the afternoons. Bookings need to be made well in advance.

Inglese Preparazione esami

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Livelli: Avanzato, Principanti, Intermedio

Dimensione delle classi: Grande, 11-20 studenti, Medio, 6-10 studenti, Piccolo, 2-5 studenti

Ore settimanali: Generale 15-25 ore / settimana

Study for the IELTS course in New Zealand

At RELA, our IELTS preparation course runs all through the year, so you can join it at any time. Your teachers have a very good understanding of the requirements of the test, and will help you develop your language skills in the most important areas. Our IELTS classes are usually quite small (with a maximum of 12 students) and you will be in a very focused class.

RELA offers IELTS exam training at 2 different levels. Entry to either class depends on a student’s current level of English. After a student enrols at RELA, he/she will take a test and be placed in the appropriate class.

The full time programme (23 hours per week) is:
Mornings: Monday-Friday 8.30-12.00 – a language development class at your level, teaching grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation
Afternoons: Monday-Thursday 1.00-3.00 – an IELTS preparation class designed to teach you exam taking strategies and familiarise you with all aspects of the exam

A part-time programme would be IELTS training only, in the afternoons (8 hours a week) if your level is high enough to enter one of those classes; or a language development class in the mornings (15 hours) if your current English level is not yet high enough to do the IELTS training.

Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Exam Preparation Course

At RELA, our Cambridge Advanced exam preparation course will take you through all the skills you will need to do well in the exam. You will be in a small and very focused class, with a teacher who understands how to help you with the key requirements of the test.

It’s not all hard work, though! There is also time for fun and communicative tasks, and of course there is the unique RELA social programme to enjoy in your spare time.

We will also make all the arrangements for you to take the Cambridge Advanced exam in Auckland, New Zealand

Cambridge First (FCE) Exam Preparation Course

Fun classesRELA’s Cambridge First course will help you prepare for the Cambridge First (FCE) exam. This exam is a test of your general English. The qualification is recognised worldwide: employers in Europe, Asia and South America will see a pass at FCE level as a sign that you can communicate with people from all over the world in English. It is the most popular of the Cambridge exams, and is taken by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world each year.

At RELA, our Cambridge First course will take you through all the skills you will need to do well in the exam. You will be in a small and very focused class, with a teacher who understands how to help you with the key requirements of the test.

TOEIC Preparation

Students at RELA can prepare for the TOEIC test in our afternoon Exam Skills class. Most students combine this with our General English course in the morning.
It is recommended that students should be at Upper Intermediate or Advanced level before they start TOEIC preparation, but it is sometimes possible for Intermediate students to join the class.

Inglese Preparazione accademica

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

High School Preparation

Our high school preparation programme is for students planning to go to a New Zealand High School for the first time.

Why do the High School Preparation Programme?

It will help students to understand and adapt to New Zealand High Schools.
Students will find it easier to cope with the language and customs of a high school.
The Aims of the Programme

We have designed the programme with the following aims in mind

To increase the level of students’ general English, so they are better able to cope with everyday situations both in and out of the classroom.
To increase students’ range of basic vocabulary
To introduce students to a variety of everyday school situations
To introduce students to common and useful classroom language
To teach a variety of study skills
Classes are run depending on the needs of the students at the time. In the morning, students join a General English class at the appropriate level. It is very important that students get this experience in the General English classes. These classes give students a sound base on which to build their English. They not only learn grammar, but also do a lot of speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is also in these General English classes, that students learn a lot about New Zealand life and customs. As well, students have the chance to build friendships with people from all around the world.

In the afternoons if there are enough students who have not already started at High School in New Zealand, then students may study High School Preparation. In these classes, they may learn vocabulary associated with a number of different subjects studied at high school. Students will be taught about life at high schools, some of the rules they will encounter and how to mix and make friends more easily. We also have ex-students come in to talk about their experiences and to answer any questions. If appropriate, we can visit a local high school. The programme is able to meet the needs of the students who are taking it, and requests for other topics can be considered as well.

Corsi di Inglese su misura

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Tour Groups

Rotorua is an excellent choice for tour groups. It is the main tourist destination in New Zealand and has a wide range of tourist-based activities from spectacular geysers and mudpools, to farm shows and Maori culture. The city is just 3 hours south of Auckland and one hour from both Lake Taupo and Tauranga.

Most of the students attend English classes in the mornings and then take part in our activities programme in the afternoon. The programme is quite flexible and we can change the activities to suit your group’s interests.

Formazione insegnanti di Inglese

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Dimensione delle classi: Grande, 11-20 studenti, Medio, 6-10 studenti

Overseas Teachers Course

At RELA, we have been running teacher training courses since 2002.

Our Language and Methodology for Overseas English Teachers course is for people who are already teachers of English in their own countries, or for students who are interested in becoming teachers of English, or are in the process of training. The course would be helpful for anyone who is interested in developing their English language teaching skills, or in taking the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT).



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