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30 Years of Excellence
There is no better place to get a head start on a university education than Coquitlam College.
For the past 30 years, we have been developing and refining our academic programs and winning a reputation as one of Canada's finest colleges. Rigorous coursework in English language studies, sciences, humanities and social sciences provides a strong foundation for university degree completion. Our graduates are eligible to enter the best universities in North America.

Students from all over the world choose Coquitlam College for its superb educational standards and inspiring, highly trained instructors. A Coquitlam College education offers a key to success in university, an unforgettable adventure in learning, and experiences to treasure forever.

Coquitlam College offers a University Transfer Program, a Senior Secondary Program and an English Studies (ES) Program and was one of the first two private institutions to be part of the BC Transfer System.

English Studies Program

Strong English language skills are the keys to reaching your academic and career goals in Canada and the United States. The English Studies Program is for students who are looking to develop their language skills as they prepare for high school and/or university studies.

Coquitlam College offers a wide variety of English courses and immersion experiences for students of any level.


Students must be at least 15 years of age when they begin their studies. In some cases, you will need to take the Coquitlam College English Diagnostic Test to find the best courses for your level.

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  • Trasferimento aeroporto / stazione
  • Consulenza agli studenti
  • Assistenza per visti


  • Alloggio in famiglia ospitante


  • Turismo culturale (teatro, museo, etc.)
  • Eventi sul campus
  • Eventi sociali studenti universitari
  • Eventi locali culturali (festival, ecc)


Generale Inglese

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Livelli: Avanzato, Principanti, Intermedio

Dimensione delle classi: Grande, 11-20 studenti, Medio, 6-10 studenti, Individuale, Piccolo, 2-5 studenti

The English Certificate Program is for all students who need to improve their English language skills. Many international students first enter the English Studies Certificate Program before going on to the High School or University Program.

Courses are offered at three skill levels:

Beginner level students have only a few words of English. Upon completion of Beginner courses, students will be able to recognize at least 500 words and write grammatically correct compound sentences and clear, well-organized paragraphs.

Intermediate students build on the skills they developed in Beginner courses and will be able to communicate with native speakers both orally and in writing. Reading comprehension and grammatically correct writing will also be stressed.

At the advanced level, students are preparing for the transition to secondary level courses in an English language environment. Emphasis is placed upon clear and fluent communication and on writing essays at the secondary level. It is at this level that students may also begin to prepare for the TOEFL exam.
The Coquitlam College English Diagnostic Test will determine which skill level is best for you.


Conversation: Beginner · Intermediate · Advanced
Grammar: Beginner · Intermediate · Advanced
Reading: Beginner · Intermediate · Advanced
Writing: Beginner · Intermediate · Advanced

Inglese Preparazione esami

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Ore settimanali: Rilassato 10-15 ore / settimana

UP TOEFL/IELTS Preparation

Students will learn the essential skills and strategies to achieve a high score on the four sections of the (IBT) TOEFL and the IELTS. In listening, students develop the academic language to comprehend long conversations and lectures. In reading, the students utilize scanning and skimming strategies to choose correct answers for complex text questions. In speaking, students learn good note taking and proper organization to give comprehensive answers. Finally, students learn to write accurate summaries and well-developed essays. Vocabulary is an additional focus of this course to help students do better on the tests.

Inglese Preparazione accademica

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Ore settimanali: Rilassato 10-15 ore / settimana

This program is for students who are about to begin their university studies at Coquitlam College. The courses emphasize general advanced English skills as well as specialized academic and business English.

All students must pass Advanced Reading and Advanced Writing before entering this program.

UP Academic English

Students will learn to master a variety of skills involving oral and written communication, summarizing, paraphrasing, researching, discussing and presenting material. Students will develop competency in reading from multi-disciplinary sources and do self assessments in order to gauge their current knowledge and skill level to discover areas for improvement.

UP English Proficiency

This course prepares advanced level students to interact with and respond to written and spoken English in a variety of contexts including academic, business, job-related, professional, and daily social and cultural interactions. The course will aim at improving students' abilities in three areas: aural and literal comprehension, oral fluency, and passive and active vocabulary. Students will be expected to read from a variety of sources such as essays, newspapers, magazine articles, short fiction and the Internet, and to view and listen to a variety of aural and visual sources such as videos, T.V., radio, lectures, native speakers, fellow students, and songs; and to critically respond to information and opinions in discussion groups and through presentations.

UP Writing

The goal of this course is to help students develop the skills necessary to write clear paragraphs and essays that are well-organized, well-supported, coherent and mature. Students will learn to use all the steps of the writing process effectively and develop techniques to creat interesting essays as used in college writing. A review of basic grammar, sentence structure, punctuation use and mechanics will enable students to write grammatically correct paragraphs and essays. Skills necesary to produce well-typed papers on a computer will also be covered.

UP Study Skills

Students will develop proficiency in reading and listening comprehension in preparation for university courses. The course aims to develop the student's ability to comprehend and respond critically to a variety of visual and aural sources, including literary works, newspaper and magazines articles, video and audio tapes, and dictations. Students will further develop their ability to understand setting, plot, character, narration, conflict and theme. They will have an opportunity to summarize short and long passages, to build vocabulary and to give short oral presentations.

Affari Inglese

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Ore settimanali: Rilassato 10-15 ore / settimana

UP Business Conversation

The goal of the course is for students to develop an ability to orally express business concepts with clarity and fluency. This course will utilize an interactive and multi-disciplined approach to build business communication skills both individually and in small groups. Students will be encouraged to learn from one another as well as from native speakers through polls, interviews, speeches, surveys, guided discussions, games, etc. In addition, video and audio tapes will be used to strengthen listening and comprehension skills. Students will also be presented with specific business vocabulary, verb phrases and idioms in marketing, advertising and international business, etc.

Inglese Corsi estivi

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Coquitlam College summer and winter programs are great opportunities for students of all ages to develop their English language skills while learning about Canada in a safe and welcoming environment.

Your group will take classes in English and take part in exciting outings and activities throughout the Vancouver area, all adding up to an immersive and incredible learning experience. Vancouver is one of the world's most beautiful and friendly cities. Your group can ski or snowboard on our local mountains in the winter or discover Vancouver's beautiful beaches and parks in the summer. There are hundreds of activities to enjoy. Programs are two to six weeks in length.


Regular Camp
Combine English classes with the excitement of exploring Vancouver

University Preparation Option
Get a head-start on university success while getting to know your new city

Intensive English-Only Option
Improve your language skills quickly in an English-only total immersion program

Parent & Child Camps
A great way for you both to learn English at the same time.
We can also provide English instruction at any level: from language games and fun for our youngest visitors, to intensive business English for groups of professionals. We welcome individuals who are seeking to join a group, or we can design a custom study tour for groups with specific interests.

English Studies Programs are two to four weeks long and can be arranged for any time of the year. Students who take part in a summer or winter program usually also participate in our homestay program, which matches students with Coquitlam College-approved family homes for the length of their stay.



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