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Language, Learning, Life…You’ll find them all at “The Beach,” better known as California State University, Long Beach. Our dynamic campus is situated in the city of Long Beach (population 500,000) just 35 kilometers south of Los Angeles. Long Beach has the character of a sophisticated urban area and the charm of a seaside community. California State University Long Beach is part of the prestigious California State University system. CSU Long Beach enrolls 35,000 students on its 322-acre campus. You can choose from 81 Baccalaureate and 67 Master’s degrees programs. For English language preparation, join the CSULB American Language Institute 12 or 15 week Intensive English Programs. You can fulfill CSULB English language requirements through successful completion of the IEP program. Conditional Admission is also available. You can also join the ALI 6 week English Prep programs, 3 week Practical English Programs, customized programs such as English for Nursing Students, or Certificate Programs such as the Global Logistics Specialist International Program and the TEFL Training Program. For a Semester Abroad taking university classes, join the CSULB University Study at the Beach Program. Students who meet the English language requirement can take university classes for credit through CSULB Open University.


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Generale Inglese

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Tipo di località: Campus universitario

Livelli: Avanzato, Principanti, Intermedio

Dimensione delle classi: Grande, 11-20 studenti, Medio, 6-10 studenti, Individuale, Piccolo, 2-5 studenti

Ore settimanali: Generale 15-25 ore / settimana

Prep Program (PREP): 6-7 weeks

This program is for individuals who desire to improve their 'real language' communication skills and academic skills, to increase their knowledge of American people and culture, and to practice English in natural and academic situations. Students may choose to study in this short term program only or continue to the Intensive English Program for an easy transition.

The Prep Program is a 6- to 7-week program with 23 hours per week of study. It emphasizes preparation for academic work at the college/university level, as well as developing communication skills and cultural awareness. This program is offered three times a year: Fall (October), Spring (March), and Summer (July). Students may study just in the Prep Program or begin in Prep and continue into the Intensive English Program. All levels of English learners are welcome.

Inglese Preparazione accademica

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Tipo di località: Campus universitario

Livelli: Avanzato, Intermedio

Ore settimanali: Generale 15-25 ore / settimana

Intensive English Program (IEP): 13-16 weeks

Prepare for academic work at the college/university level. Receive the American Language Institute's TOEFL waiver by completing certain levels of the Intensive English Program. Students may enter in either Spring, Fall or Summer terms. It takes one term to complete one level.
Program Curriculum
The IEP curriculum is specifically tailored to prepare our students for rigorous academic studies. Each course at every level has a set of specific objectives which must be met for the students to continue to the next level. Before receiving the English Proficiency waiver and entering the university, students learn how to write academic essays and research papers, they will acquire academic reading skills and comprehension, and they will acquire academic vocabulary in their 9-hour per week Reading/Writing/Vocabulary class. Students are held accountable for developing skills in grammar forms and how to utilize them in writing and speaking in their 4-6-hour per week Grammar class. Students learn how to give academic speeches, take notes on lengthy college lectures, and learn communication strategies in their 8-hour per week Listening/Speaking class. Students also have the opportunity to choose a 2-hour per week Elective class such as: Vocabulary, Spelling, TOEFL, IELTS, English through Films, Sitcoms, etc.

MBA Preparation Program (MBAP): 13-16 weeks​

This program is for students with advanced English skills who are preparing for entrance into a graduate business degree program in the United States. Students examine contemporary case studies, complete team projects, and analyze today's business trends and practices, all while improving their academic English skills and preparing for the GMAT or GRE​.

Who Should Attend?
International students with advanced English skills who want to improve their reading, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary skills; learn techniques to improve GMAT or GRE scores for the analytical writing portions; and develop the critical thinking skills necessary for success in a graduate-degree business program.

Program Highlights
18 instructional hours per week of graduate level business English instruction plus up to 6 hours of GMAT/GRE preparation courses
Membership in supportive student organizations such as the CSULB International Business Association and the International Student Association
MBA application strategy workshops
Pre-arrival advising
Housing assistance

Affari Inglese

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 17-69

Ore settimanali: Generale 15-25 ore / settimana

Dimensione delle classi: Medio, 6-10 studenti

Livelli: Avanzato

Professionale Inglese

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Tipo di località: Campus universitario

Global Logistics Specialist (GLS): (6 months)

The six-month program is designed to provide supply chain/logistics training from a U.S. perspective. Additionally, it offers English language instruction from ALI and/or University courses offered through Open University. Students will also experience various aspects of the U.S. culture.

Corsi di Inglese su misura

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Tipo di località: Campus universitario

Livelli: Avanzato, Principanti, Intermedio

Ore settimanali: Generale 15-25 ore / settimana

Customized English Programs

The American Language Institute at CSULB offers customized programs for specific groups that wish to improve their English skills for personal, academic, or professional reasons. These educational programs are custom designed to meet your students' needs. Customized programs can be offered throughout the year.

Who Should Attend?
Our customized programs are designed for students, who are aged 18 and older and for groups of 15 students or more, who would like to come for a shorter time period such as 2 , 3, or 4 weeks.

Program Highlights
Small class sizes
Instruction by highly qualified teachers in both ESL and Specific Fields
Program dates are available during the Summer or Academic year
Specialized subject courses designed specifically to match the students major or career goals.
Number of weekly hours are tailored to meet your needs (ie. between 17-23 hours)
Students can attend these programs on a tourist Visa, or Student Visa (B-1, F-1, J-1)
On and off campus activities with curriculum based excursions
Guest Lectures
Extracurricular activities such as sporting or cultural events planned for students in Long Beach and surrounding Southern California area
Housing assistance provided for on campus, homestay, or residential apartments

Sample Curriculum
As each program is designed to meet the needs of the students, the curriculum varies with each group and their language goals. A typical weekly curriculum may have 17 hours of ESL and between 4-6 hours of specific subject course work: for instance, one Reading, Writing, Vocabulary class (9 hours), one Listening and Speaking class (8 hours) and one subject class (ie. Computer Science 4 hours).

Formazione insegnanti di Inglese

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Tipo di località: Campus universitario

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Training: (8 weeks)

This course is designed to prepare you to be an English instructor in a variety of settings around the world. Our program covers the latest in learning theory and teaching methodology with an emphasis on their practical applications in the classroom. It includes hands-on training with Micro Teaching, Class Observations, and Practice Teaching.​​​​​​​​


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