13 reasons to travel

13 reasonsto travel

Many students learn languages because they love to travel around the world.

To travel means to discover new cities and countires, to learn something new every day and to meet persons from all over the world. You could search for your next language school here or you could read the following reasons for travelling before getting in touch with different schools:

1) You can have fun, live your life and enjoy an adventure – and it doesn’t matter where you are: in a car, in a plane or just with a rucksack walking through the jungle.

2) You can get better acquainted and find the answer to your personal “Why”.

3) You can discover the world.

4) You can find out which country you like and where it feels like “home”.

5) You can relax and try – for example – mediation or yoga.

6) You can be a tourist, do a sightseeing tour and learn something about history. In addition you can buy a lot of souvenirs for your friends and your family.

7) You can gain inspiration from different cultures, from cities and from the persons you meet. In addition you could use this inspiration at home to make progress.

8) Thanks to your (language) trips you could tell more about yourself, your life and your experiences.

9) You can learn to handle difficult situations and to find solutions for unexpected problems.

10) You can get in touch with new languages and persons and gather experience.

11) You can switch of while doing without your laptop, your tablet or your smartphone.

12) You can have an adventure. On every trip – a two-days-trip to Paris or 12 months in Asia – a lot of small and big adventures will wait for you.

13) You can experience unforgettable moments.

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