FICO Eataly World – how to get closer to Italian culture

The FICO Eataly World is probably the largest food amusement park in Europe and is located in Italy, more precisely in Bologna. Bologna is the city of food and therefore, the best place for such a great amusement park.

What should you know about the FICO Eataly World?

Bologna (where the FICO Eataly World is) is home to many famous delicacies from Italy. This is where, for example, Parma ham and Parmesan cheese were invented, but also the Mortadella sausage or the world-famous Bolognese sauce find their origin there. And it is exactly this variety of culinary delights that you can discover on about 200,000 square metres.

The great thing is: You can choose if you want to stroll through the park or if you want to borrow a bike with a basket for your shopping.

What does the park have to offer?

But if you think that you can only eat there, you are wrong. According to the motto “from the field to the fork”, you can see the productions of the individual products, attend workshops or, for example, have experts explain the possibilities of Italian cuisine to you.

The FICO Eataly World has something for every person (including children). Everyone can learn more about the origin of the products or try different things, like milking cows. At the same time, about 5000 events (in different languages) take place every year.

What makes the FICO Eataly World special?

The answer is clear: It is a supermarket and a restaurant in one building.

Eataly World has 40 shops and 16 restaurants, including cheap and expensive restaurants. You’ll also find more than 20 Italian street food stalls throughout the site to satisfy your hunger.

Basically, you have to imagine FICO Eataly World as a big supermarket. Because there is a simple rule: Everything you eat or drink immediately, you pay directly at the stall. Everything else you pay at the end of the day at the cash desk. This way you can even take a piece of Italy with you: You can put products from selected Italian brands or your own products from Eataly World (such as fresh pasta or mozzarella) in the shopping cart.

How to get closer to the Italian culture

Of course, you’ll get closer to the Italian culture through the variety of products you’ll find at FICO Eataly World, but also by talking to the employees (real Italians) and learning more about Italy and its eating habits. But also through various events and workshops you are able to improve your Italian language skills – perhaps even in connection with a language trip to Bologna.

Finally, a little tip: The best time to visit the Eataly World is in the morning and over lunchtime because many productions stop working in the early afternoon. And it’s really no fun to look into dark kitchens.

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