6 reasons to study Japanese

Are you looking for a new language that challenges you? Japanese could be this language. With its special script and pronunciation you will take up the gauntlet to learn a new language. Moreover, Japanese isn’t only spoken in Japan, but also in Palau where it is a recognised minority language. Study Japanese in Japan!

6 reasons to study Japanese in Japan

1) There are more than 99 million Japanese internet users.

Because of the high number of Japanese internet users the Japanese language is the fourth most used language online. With Japanese skills you will get in touch with a whole new world on the internet.

2) Japan has an important position in global business.

A knowledge of Japanese is always an asset on your CV and because of Japan’s influence in global business this knowledge could help you to get your dream job. There are many enterprises which want to work with Japan and which need persons who are able to talk to Japanese business men.

3) Japanese are everywhere.

If you live in a tourist area, you will meet Japanese nearly every day. Therefore, it would be great to have a knowledge of Japanese to be unique in the tourism industry in your town.

4) Learning Japanese helps you to get in touch with a new culture.

Japanese is like every other language. It helps you to get in touch with a new culture, with different persons and traditions. If you are able to communicate in Japanese, you will learn more about their lives.

5) Other Asian languages are easier with a knowledge of Japanese.

Maybe Japanese isn’t the last language you want to learn. If you are thinking about learning another Asian language, Japanese could be very helpful. For example, the Japanese grammar is similar to the Korean grammar and Japanese uses a writing system which is derived from Chinese characters.

6) It is always fun to study Japanese.

Learning a new language means always to have a lot of fun. You will learn new words which sounds weird or you will need a lot of practise to pronounce the word correctly. But nevertheless, it is great to learn and to make progress while having fun. And you will also find some words in Japanese which are influenced by Western languages.

Language schools to study Japanese in Japan

On CourseFinders you will find more than 20 different language school in Japan. The Genki Japanese and Culture School in Tokyo offers General Japanese Courses with a maximum of eight students. Another school is the Minsai Japanese Language School in Kyoto which offers General Japanse courses, but also exam and academic preparations. In addition, you could also attend a summer programm to enjoy the warm weather and to improve you language skills.

Search now to find the best language school to study Japanese in Japan and start your next adventure. It is always worthwhile to learn a foreign language.

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