recommended ESL websites for English learners

esl-websites recommended ESL websites for English learners


Here are ten great ESL websites for English learners. They are useful if you’re learning for TOEFL or IELTS or if you just want to brush up your language. The resources are diverse and include materials from recent news, quizzes, pronunciation help, business English, listening materials, phrasal verbs, grammar tips, focus on TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, Advanced and Proficiency exams. Save time and look no further!


Using English

A general English language site with a wide range of resources including tests, grammar and articles. If you are looking to find a comprehensive English learning website this can be just the one.


English listening

Offers a variety of passages of different difficulty levels. Apart from listening to recordings you can also view the transcript and take a test to verify your understanding. A fee of 3$ per month.


English Central

Learn English through watching videos. The material is presented with text transcriptions and word definitions. You can choose different video courses such as business, travel, English pronunciation and more.


BBC’s Learning English

Presented as full-length courses, but each component can be studied separately as well. Experience of teaching English since 1943! Includes Words in the News, quizzes, pronunciation, Phrase of the day, grammar and vocabulary.



British Council’s LearnEnglish

A fun and comprehensive to approach to English learning including games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises. You can download the content.


Business English Pod

Learn Business English through videos. There is focus on vocabulary and grammar as well as general lessons.


Dave’s ESL Café

A website with resources such as phrasal verbs, grammar tips and even slang. You can also practice your skills by joining in discussion in the forum.


English Page

This website provides links to listening materials from the American National Public Radio as well as the BBC. You can choose from news reports, talk shows, sports, music and more. offers quick and easy access to materials and information available on the internet for language study. Includes clear explanations, exercises and quizzes as well a TOEFL/TOEIC section.



Floe-Joe is the perfect resource for studying for Cambridge exams – FCE, Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency. There is also a new section for IELTS speaking.

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