Language learning tips from polyglots



Language learning tips from polyglots


Check out valuable language learning tips from popular polyglots. On their blogs Luca Lampariello, LC Haughley (writing for Benny Lewis), Richard Simcott, Olly Richards and Lindsay Dow have shared some wisdom and it’s not your typical language learning advice. So if lately you have been feeling, unmotivated, uninspired and had a hard time learning foreign languages, let these quotes from popular polyglots help you out.


„In order to improve your ability to recognize and memorize new words and expressions you need to be interested in and passionate about what you are doing. Cultivating an interest in a particular field and constantly reminding yourself why you are doing it provides an incredible boost in your learning process.” – Luca Lampariello, from article Forget it: the secret of remembering words .


LC Haughey on how to easily making a habit stick using a productive app „Habit List stepped in and saved the day. It’s superbly simple to use. You make a note of an activity that you wish to turn into a habit, select a frequency reminder (i.e. whether you want to be reminded every day or odd days and at what time), and that’s it. It’ll pop up at the time you’ve programmed it to, reminding you to fulfil the task. I’ve set it to remind me to do a little bit of language study every single day and feel endlessly irritated if I end up breaking my “streak” (my longest at the time of writing is 8 days!).” from The Productive Language Learner: How I Transformed my Phone into a Productivity Diva


Richard Simcott on the language learning regime that brings effects “The key thing here is speed of learning and how it is influenced. So I am going to take it that you are doing at least two active study lessons a week (where you learn new things and train vocab and grammar actively) and do a little passive (or active, if you can) study on the other days of the week, say between 15-60 minutes a day. For me this is a minimum to not tread water or stagnate in my studies and to move ahead in my learning. ” from How fast can I learn a language?


Olly Richards on the importance of making mistakes and breaking the speaking barrier “Making mistakes is not only the best way to improve our command of a foreign language, but it can also be a great way to break the ice between you and your foreign counterpart. Learn to laugh at your mistakes and embrace making them as a way of getting continually better at speaking.” from 5 Dangerous Language Learning Mistakes You Should Avoid


Lindsay Dow on not getting bored with learning languages „Why waste your time on something that doesn’t inspire or engage you in a positive way? You want to have positive associations with the language you’re learning to make you want to keep doing it. If that’s not there, then what is? Mix things up, keep it fresh, and don’t be afraid to take a break.” from 5 Struggles With Self-Study Language Learning Motivation You’ve Probably Experienced (and what to do about them)


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