How to study abroad



How to study abroad


There is a lot of talk about study abroad, it’s benefits and what opportunities it can bring. But how can you study abroad? What are your options? Can you study abroad for free? How to go about organizing a semester abroad? Can only higher education students study abroad? Find the answers to these questions in this article.

Study abroad is available for students (both high school and higher education) from all around the world. Of course some programs are limited and aimed at a specific group of students, but don’t fret. There is something for everybody. With a continuously more globalized world the variety of options of study abroad and international student exchange programs is abundant and everyone can find something for themselves.


How to start?

If you have a specific school in mind, visit their website and check if they provided any information for international students. If they have not, don’t give up and write an email asking if they participate in any student exchange programs or if they welcome students for study abroad.

If you don’t have a specific school in mind, but you want to study abroad in a certain country or region, check a list of schools and/or international student exchange programs available there and look for your options. Don’t  be afraid to contact schools, institutions or organizations.

You can also look through these links to organizations, companies and institutions which organize and enable study abroad in different countries and regions if you are interested in something specific. There you can find requirements which you have to meet in order to be eligible for participating in the program, visa information, contact forms and more. If you have any questions or doubts write an email and ask for more details on the program.


High School Exchange programs

Study abroad is not only for students of higher education. You can study abroad even if you are still in high school and you can go for 1-3 months, a semester or a year.


Study abroad in Europe

European programs offer different options, there are even paid internships for students. If you are a student from Europe you can check out the Erasmus Exchange Programme.


Study abroad in Germany


Study abroad in UK


Study abroad in USA


Study abroad in South America


Study abroad in Africa


Study abroad in Asia


Study abroad for free

Yes it is possible! There are options to study abroad for free or with very little fees, you can get a paid internship at a company or on campus, be an au pair, get a scholarship or financial aid and more.




If you want to study English abroad check out these comprehensive guides for USA and England.



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