Popular Italian phrases



Popular Italian phrases

Italian is the official language in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City and San Marino, it is also widely spoken in Albania, Monaco, Malta, Croatia and Slovenia. It is spoken by around 85 million people in the world. So it is likely that you will encounter Italian in your life, why not prepare for it with some useful Italian phrases. Italy is a beautiful country with captivating history and breathtaking architecture, it’s citizens are known for their hospitality and will welcome you like their own – all the more reasons to get to know a few phrases in their language.

Check out our list of common Italian phrases everyone should know. They include greetings and phrases used in common, everyday conversations as well as other useful words.


Hi – Ciao

Welcome – Benvenuto/a

Good morning – Buongiorno

Good evening – Buona sera

Good night – Buona note

Good bye – Arrivederci

See you later – A dopo

How are you? – Come stai?

Fine, thanks – Bene, grazie

So-so – Così e così

Thank you – Grazie

You’re welcome – Prego

I missed you so much – Mi sei mancato molto

Please – Per favore

Yes – Si

No – No

Excuse me – Mi scusi

I’m sorry – Mi dispiace

I don’t understand – Non capisco

Do you speak English – Parla inglese?

I don’t speak Italian – Non parlo italiano

I don’t know – Non lo so

What’s your name? – Come si chiama?

My name is … – Mi chiamo …

Nice to meet you – È un piacere conoscerti

I’m lost – Mi sono perso/a

Can you help me? – Potresti aiutarmi?

Come with me – Venga con me

I love you – Ti amo

Hurry up – Sbrigati

Don’t worry – Non ti preoccupare

Have a nice day – Buona giornata

Cheers – Salute/ Cin cin

Bon apetit – Buon appetitio

Bon voyage – Buon viaggio



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