Popular Spanish phrases



Popular Spanish phrases


Whether you are learning Spanish on a regular basis or just like to spend your holidays on the beaches of Ibiza there is a number of common Spanish phrases which you should know. Why? Because Spanish is one of the top spoken languages in the world with over 500 million people speaking it and the probability that you will have contact with it is pretty high. It may be on the news, it may be in a song or you may meet someone from Spain. Don’t leave anything to chance and prepare yourself!

Check out our list of common Spanish phrases everyone should know. They include greetings and phrases used in common, everyday conversations as well as other useful words.


Bienvenido – Welcome

Buenos días/buenas tardes/buenas noches – Good morning/good afternoon/good evening

¡Hola! – Hi!

Adiós – Goodbye

Hasta luego – Until later

Hasta pronto – See you soon

Hasta la vista – Until we see each other again

¿Cómo estás? – How are you?

Muy bien, gracias. – Very well thank you.

Como siempre. – As always.

Más o menos. – So-so.

¿Cómo te llamas? – What’s your name?

Me llamo … – My name is …

¡Tanto tiempo sin verte! – Long time no see

¡Salud! – Cheers!

¡Buena suerte! – Good luck!

¡Buen provecho! – Bon apetit!

Te amo. – I love you.

No sé – I don’t know

No entiendo – I don’t understand

Necesito ayuda. – I need help.

Por favor – Please

Gracias – Thank you

Mucho gusto – Nice to meet you

¿Qué hora es? – What time is it?

Lo siento. – I’m sorry.

¡Diviértete! – Have fun!

¡Buen viaje! – Have a good trip!

¡Cuídate! – Take care!

¡Felicitaciones! – Congratulations!

¡Feliz Cumpleaños! – Happy Birthday!


What words would you add to this list of common Spanish phrases?


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