Useful words and sentences in Italian

Would you like to learn the language of love? If you’d answered with yes, you should start learning Italian. Italian is native to Italy and Switzerland, but also to Dalmatia (Croatia), Slovene Istra (Slovenia) and Corfù (Greece). It is part of the Indo-euorpean languages and has official status in Italy, San Marina, Vatican City and Switzerland.

But learning a language means to speak also in this language!

Useful words and sentences in Italian

Buon giorno – Good morning
Buon pomeriggio – Good afternoon
Buona sera – Good evening
Buona notte – Good night
Ciao – Hi
Arrivederci – Goodbye

Grazie – Thank you
Grazie mille – Thanks a lot
Prego – You are welcome
Per favore – please
Scusa / Mi scusi – Excuse me (informal) / Excuse me (formal)
Mi dispiace – I am sorry

Sì – yes
No – no

Come stai – How are you
Bene – fine
Molto bene – very well
Così così – so-so

Come ti chiami – What is your name
Mi chiamo … – My name is …
Piacere di conoscerti – Nice to meet you

Dove abiti – Where do you live
Abito a … – I live in …
Sono di … – I am from …
Sono americano / francese / tedesco / … – I am American / French / German / …

Parli inglese / tedesco / francese / … – Do you speak English / German / French / …
Parlo italiano – I speak Italian

These aren’t enough words for a first conversation. But maybe you could complete the list with the words you normally need. Maybe you can tell something about your hobbies or your working place. Be creative!

Of course, you could learn these words at home. But sometimes it is better to attend a language school to stay motivated, to learn with others and to have more fun. In addition, there is always someone who can help you if there is a problem.

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