Christmas related idioms and phrases



Christmas related idioms and phrases


Stocking stuffer

Meaning: a small gift, especially one that is placed in a Christmas stocking

Example: Mary went to the store today to look for some stocking stuffers for the children.


To trim the tree

Meaning: to decorate the Christmas tree with ribbons, lights, ornaments etc.

Example: My family usually trims the Christmas tree with red and green lights and wooden ornaments.


White Christmas

Meaning: a Christmas with snow

Example: In London seldom do we get a white Christmas.


The holiday spirit

Meaning: excitement about the holiday

Example: December isn’t here yet and I’m already feeling the holiday spirit.


Be my guest

Meaning: a polite way to let someone know that they should help themselves to something

Example: Do you mind if I get that last piece of the fruit cake? Be my guest.


Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Meaning: don’t be ungrateful for a gift you received

Example: Oh no, I don’t like historical novels. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


To beat the holiday blues

Meaning: to overcome the stress and frustration resulting from holiday preparation or resulting from the need to get back to your usual routine after a holiday

Example: When I want to beat the holiday blues I always think about the fact that soon it will be over.


Good things come in small packages

Meaning: a present should not be judged by its size, because sometimes the smallest gifts are the best

Example: At first I was saddened by the size of my gift, but I thought to myself that good things come in small packages. I was not mistaken, because inside there were keys to a new car!


Christmas comes but once a year

Meaning: Christmas comes once a year and we should enjoy it to the fullest, often used as an excuse to spend more or indulge in food

Example: Sue do you want another piece of the cake? Sure, why not? Christmas comes but once a year.


Christmas came early (this year)

Meaning: when someone receives some unexpected good news

Example: Did you hear that Janice is pregnant? Christmas came early this year for her and Matthew.


The more the merrier

Meaning: the more people there are, the better the situation will be

Example: Can I bring my girlfriend to the holiday party? Sure, the more the merrier.


Be there with bells on

Meaning: said in response to an invitation and meaning you will happily go

Example: Mom, will you come to my Christmas play at school? Of course, I will be there with bells on.


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