Study English in Canada for college or work

The idea to study English in Canada came to your mind, but now you have a lot of questions and don’t know where to start? No problem! This guide should answer all your questions and give you some extra information.

Why study English in Canada?

The most efficient way to learn a language is to travel to a country where it is spoken. This way you are full immersed, surrounded by the language. Everywhere you look, every word you hear, is helping you to learn.

Many people choose to study English in Canada because Canada is a safe, multicultural country that is welcoming to foreigners. Canadians also have a fairly neutral accent, between American and British. This means that if you study English in Canada you should find it easier to understand all other English speakers around the world, and they should understand you!

Another benefit if you study English in Canada is that you learn the culture as well as the language. In Canada, this means you will learn lots about “the great outdoors”, and “hockey” (Ice Hockey).

Which visa do you need to study English in Canada?

If you want to attend an English course in Canada, and if you need a visa (you can check it here ), you have two possibilities:

1) Visitor Visa: A Visitor Visa allows you to visit the country and attend a language course of maximum six months.

2) Study Permit: A Study Permit is required for courses longer than 6 months. It is an official document for foreign nationals who want to study in Canada. To qualify for a study permit you must be enrolled at a designated learning institution and meet all conditions (check the link above if you’re unsure).

Here you get more information about the Visa requirements to study in Canada.

What does it cost to study English in Canada?

To calculate your budget to study English in Canada, consider the following costs:

  • Getting to Canada
  • Language school fees
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Getting around the city (I.e. public transport)
  • General spending

First of all, the most expensive cities in Canada are Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, and Calgary, but there are also many small towns with great schools, and these tend to be cheaper (particularly accommodation).

Getting to Canada

The fastest and easiest way to get to Canada is by plane. Here are some examples:

  • From London (UK) to …

… Toronto – about 600 € / 680 USD / 500 GBP

… Vancouver – about 800 € / 900 USD / 700 GBP

… Calgary – about 800 € / 900 USD / 700 GBP

… Montreal – about 700 € / 780 USD / 600 GBP

  • From Dublin to …

… Toronto – about 600 € / 680 USD / 500 GBP

… Vancouver – about 750 € / 850 USD / 650 GBP

… Calgary – about 750 € / 850 USD / 650 GBP

… Montreal – about 550 € / 620 USD / 500 GBP

  • From Berlin to …

… Toronto – about 850 € / 960 USD / 750 GBP

… Vancouver – about 1200 € / 1350 USD / 1050 GBP

… Calgary – about 1100 € / 1250 USD / 1000 GBP

… Montreal – about 800 € / 900 USD / 700 GBP

  • From Paris to …

… Toronto – about 900 € / 1000 USD / 800 GBP

… Vancouver – about 800 € / 900 USD / 700 GBP

… Calgary – about 800 € / 900 USD / 700 GBP

… Montreal – about 700 € / 780 USD / 600 GBP

  • From Madrid to …

… Toronto – about 1100 € / 1250 USD / 1000 GBP

… Vancouver – about 1200 € / 1350 USD / 1050 GBP

… Calgary – about 1300 € / 1450 USD / 1350 GBP

… Montreal – about 950 € / 1500 USD / 850 GBP

  • From Rome to

… Toronto – about 850 € / 960 USD / 750 GBP

… Vancouver – about 1000 € / 1100 USD / 900 GBP

… Calgary – about 1000 € / 1100 USD / 900 GBP

… Montreal – about 900 € / 1000 USD / 800 GBP

How much does it cost to study English in Canada

In general, the language school fees start at CAD$200 / EUR€135 / USD$ 150per week. The final price depends on the hours per week, the language school and the course. Accommodation is charged on top of tuition.

CourseFinders has the prices of more than 600 language schools. Search Now to check and compare prices between schools.


There are different accommodation options in Canada. Some of these are more expensive than others. But for all the golden rule is to search and book one in advance.

If your language school doesn’t offer accommodation possibilities (like a guest family or a shared flat), you could ask them for help. In addition, you can check facebook groups, online advertisements in newspapers or just use Google to find different options.

The price of your accommodation always depends on the size, the district and the length of your stay.


Many student accommodation options can include meals, but sometimes you want to go out and eat. A basic lunchtime menu which includes also a drink, costs about C$ 20 in the business district. For a combo meal in a fast food restaurant you have to pay around C$ 10.

Getting around the city (i.e. public transport)

A monthly ticket for public transport costs between C$ 95 and C$ 150. A single ticket costs between C$ 2.90 and C$ 3.

General spending

General spending includes all costs in your free time. From there, it depends what you would like to do.

Here is a list with a few examples:

  • basic dinner out for two in a neighborhood pub: C$ 55
  • dinner for two in a restaurant (including appetisers, main course, wine and dessert): C$ 100
  • 2 tickets to the movies: C$ 30
  • 2 tickets to the theatre: C$ 100
  • a cocktail drink in a club: C$ 10
  • a beer in a neighbourhood pub: C$ 7
  • a cappuccino in a café: C$ 4

What should you do while you study English in Canada?

Of course, Canada is a big country and it always depends on your currently location. But there are always things to do and to enjoy:

Try Canadian food

Every country has its own typical food and therefore, it is also necessary that you try different dishes in Canada. Here are our suggestions:

  • Poutine
  • Beavertails
  • Butter tarts
  • Bannock
  • Saskatoon Berry pie
  • Peameal Bacon
  • Split pea soup
  • Tourtière
  • Game meat

Visit different cities

Try to visit as many cities as possible because every city has its own atmosphere and sights.

In Montreal, you could visit the old town, the botanical gardens or the Museum of fine arts.

One of the most famous things in Vancouver is the Capilano Suspension Bridge, but also the Aquarium or the Science World are great.

In Toronto, you can visit the CN Tower to have a wonderful view over the city, but also the Casa Loma or the Royal Ontario Museum.

Halifax is in the east of Canada and has a great Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

In Ottawa, you can visit the Rideau Canal or the Parliament Hill. If you want to go shopping, the ByWard Market is a must-do.

Also Calgary has a tower with a great view over the city.  But you can also visit the Heritage Park Historical Village or the Glenbow Museum.

Get in touch with the culture

Canadians love hockey. So, one of the things you have to do while studying abroad is going to the stadium to watch a hockey match.

However, you should also watch a film in the original English version in a cinema, or go to a bar with your classmates and talk with Canadians. Speaking with locals is the best way to improve your English!

What are the best English schools in Canada?

On, you can find more than 100 language schools in Canada. You can search and compare all of them very easily, but here is a small selection:

Languages Across Borders (LAB) – Vancouver

Languages Across Borders (LAB) Vancouver is a highly respected, award-winning language school in the trendy Yaletown neighborhood. With an interactive teaching style and a variety of activities and social events, highly qualified teachers ensure your educational experience is fun and useful. Their goal is to create a home-away-from-home atmosphere and experience.

More information here: Languages Across Borders


VanWest College – Vancouver & Kelowna

VanWest College is located in Vancouver and Kelowna, B.C. They are a mid-sized private college that promises a warm and friendly environment, top quality government accredited programs, lots of extra-curricular activities and superior student service.

More information here: VanWest College


Discover English Academy – Vancouver

DEA Education Center is located in beautiful North Vancouver nestled within the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia. They offer an array of academic courses ranging from ESL and tutoring to Business English. DEA Education Center employs dynamic certified teachers that will help students explore and discover their unique skills to get them on the right path for learning.

More information here: Discover English Academy


Quest Language Studies – Toronto

Quest Language Studies, established in 1997, is one of Canada’s leading Language Schools. They offer a wide variety of English Language Programs, Internship Programs, Summer Youth Programs, Exam Preparation Programs and Academic Pathway Programs. Quest’s unique support systems for our students combined with our focus on individualized attention make us an ideal choice as a destination for students.

More information here: Quest Language Studies


East Coast School of Languages (ECSL) – Halifax

East Coast School of Languages (ECSL) is a private language school for adults based in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the beautiful east coast of Canada. Our students describe our school as a family where they feel welcomed and cared for. The school is owned and managed by three ESL instructors so students are assured of high academic standards and student-focused programs.

More information here: East Coast School of Languages


Stafford House – Calgary

The Stafford House is located in the main business district in Calgary, close to the Central Library or to the important sights. In 10 classrooms, they offer general English classes for students from all over the world.

More information here: Stafford House


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