A day of studying abroad – what does it look like?

When planning a trip to learn a language in a foreign country you might wonder what a day of studying abroad might look like. Will you mostly be learning or will you have time to act like a typical tourist? Actually it can be bit of both. Depending on what type of course you choose (normal, relaxed or intensive) your typical day can differ. Check out what a day of studying abroad can look like.


Morning in a day of studying abroad

A day of studying abroad starts with you waking up at the place you’re staying, maybe a homestay or a shared flat with your fellow classmates. You eat breakfast together at your place or at a bakery on the way to school and have a nice conversation. You pass by some cool buildings or a nice neighborhood, which you might want to explore later.

You get to your language school and are greeted by staff. You go to class and meet the rest of the students. Then the lessons start. The mornings are the best time for learning, because it’s easier to focus. Later throughout the day the brain starts to wander. The lessons you can expect depend on the school you choose or a particular teacher. It can be a mix of grammar, speaking, listening and culture. Hopefully the lessons will be interactive and engaging.

It’s time for lunch, if you didn’t pack one, some schools have dining halls or you can grab something with your friends on the town.


Afternoon in a day of studying abroad

When the typical lessons are through it’s time for after class activities. This is the fun part, which can make you feel like a tourist, but you will also get to know the language in a natural environment and get to explore the culture. Schools offer a lot of different extra activities, these can include going to a museum to find out more about the city you are in, or to the movies to learn the language in a different way, there are also sports, which can help you bond with your classmates.

Schools have the afterschool activities well thought out so that you can really get to know the language, make friends and have a great time!


Evening in a day of studying abroad

Evenings are usually a time you can plan by yourself. So you can either meet up with your friends and spend some time together, cook dinner with your flat mates, go for a walk to explore the city, spend some quiet time on reading a book, organize a trip to another city at the weekend. Or anything you like really, just don’t forget to do your homework!



This is an example of what a day of studying abroad can look like. Of course your experience can be different. Have you already studied abroad? Let us know how your typical day looked like.

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