Online Spanish learning resources



Online Spanish learning resources


Don’t wait any longer and start practicing or learning Spanish today with these free online resources. Check out every resource, choose your favourite and start learning!


Curso de Espanol

This site offers grammar rules and exercises to practice them. There is also a film series with text spoken by native speakers regarding everyday life.



An app, which is also available as a website on your computer. It teaches grammar, vocabulary,pronunciation and spelling in a fun game-like way.


BBC Languages Spanish

Take advantage of the abundance of learning resources! Mi Vida Loca is a series, with Spanish and English subtitles. You can also print out a transcript and a vocabulary list for each episode. Quick fix offers essential phrases from various topics. There are also interactive crosswords for intermediates.


Loecsen Spanish

Is a great way to learn the pronunciation of basic words and useful phrases. You can choose from a variety of topics.



With Livemocha you can practice speaking Spanish with Spanish speakers and native speakers. Take your Spanish out of the books and into real life!


123 Teach Me

It offers free Spanish resources and lessons. Verbs will take you to Spanish verb conjugation charts. Verb conjugations are shown for different tenses. There are also examples of use with audio. Spanish 101 teaches you the basics including vocabulary and grammar. There are many more resources to choose from including dialogues with audio and transcriptions, listening and reading comprehension, videos and flashcards.


Online Free Spanish

Is a fun way to learn Spanish. Aimed more at the kids as it’s equipped with cartoons and games. Topics are divided into lessons and include vocabulary with pictures and pronunciation as well as a few games to choose from like memory, click-n-match, etc.


Free Spanish

This site is divided into topics and teaches vocabulary with pronunciation.


Que Onda Spanish

Is available as an app and on your computer. The layout is very user friendly. You can choose your level and the topic you want to learn. First you can learn the vocabulary or grammar (with audio) and then practice it playing games like memorama, whack-a-word and others.


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