Enjoy Expo 2015 learning Italian!

Enjoy Expo 2015 learning Italian!

If you are planning a visit to Expo 2015, take a great opportunity: learn Italian!

Here there are some of our recommended apps and websites that you can use to learn Italian quickly and easily:


The website Babbel gives you everything you need to speak, write and understand Italian. Its integrated speech recognition helps to improve your pronunciation from the first lesson. Babbel is totally free and you can use it also on your smartphone or tablet.


Learning Italian with Duolingo is simple and fun! It’s like a game in which you can exercise your speaking, listening and translation abilities, through multiple choice challenges.

The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows but you can find Duolingo also on the Web.

BBC Web Site

Here you can read some interesting articles in Italian, you can test your language skills and watch programmes from Italy’s national broadcaster online with subtitles in Italian. We found it very interesting!

If you are going to Expo 2015 in Milan take the incredible opportunity of learning and improving Italian! It’s a good chance to discover Italian culture and language.


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