IP - International Projects (Bremen / Brema / Germania)

We are an international language tour operator and every year approximately 4.500 students from many different countries travel with us to learn more than a language. We have been organising summer...

Institut für Internationale Kommunikation (IIK) (Düsseldorf / North Rhine-Westphalia / Germania)

months, students can learn enough English in addition to German to be able to study or work in either

Sprachgewandt Englisch Camps (Hüttlingen / Baden Wurttemberg / Germania)
viadrina sprachen GmbH (Francoforte sull'Oder / Brandeburgo sulla Havel / Germania)
Sprachzentrum Süd (Holzkirchen / Bavaria / Germania)
APRENDO-Sprachschulungen (Karlsruhe / North Rhine-Westphalia / Germania)
Hermann-Hesse-Kolleg (Horb am Neckar / Baden Wurttemberg / Germania)
CR-Sprach-Schulungen (Ober-Olm / Rhineland Palatinate / Germania)