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Language Campus offers Spanish courses for foreigners that enable students to advance through the levels of study in a manner that is both fast and flexible, giving our pupils the opportunity to adapt the course of study to their specific needs and schedule constraints. Additionally, at Language Campus we offer services such as housing and activities that, together with the Spanish course will guarantee a unique and deeply engaging experience.

Language Campus is the leading language teaching enterprise in the Canary Islands. Hence a young and innovative company, Language Campus is on a solid trajectory in the educational field, priding itself with a professional and committed team.

In the region, we operate out of 6 strategically located academies, where we apply and disseminate our holistic philosophy, that is, to offer high quality language teaching services, imparted by native and accredited teachers, within an optimal environment with welcoming facilities that are equipped with the newest educational technologies.

Our faculty at Language Campus is comprised of more than 180 teachers native to the language they instruct, three academic coordinators, one academic adviser and 30 administrative personnel. Moreover all courses have flexible schedules and are guided by a methodology that allows us to guarantee an adequate response to the needs of our students.

Why choose Us?

We offer Spanish courses for foreigners in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Los Cristianos in Tenerife South. The courses are adjust to the levels and needs of the students and are thought by knowledgeable and certified teachers. In addition, as a student, you can count on our team of academic coordinators and advisors to assist in making the most of your experience.

We will do everything to help you achieve your personal goals in learning Spanish.

* The best teaching staff and academic team.
Our excellent educational team is made up of highly qualified native teachers, as well as our academic coordinators and advisors, who work towards fulfilling your personal and professional goals. Every teacher has at least a TEFL qualification and a minimum of a 2 year teaching experience.

*Personalised study plans.
We prepare each course exclusively with the students’ needs in mind and we personalise every aspect of our teaching, so that we can help you achieve your goals in the quickest and most efficient way possible, bearing in mind your linguistic skills and availability.

*Tried and tested methodology.
At Language Campus our methodology is adjusted to the principles, focus and educational and curricular development model promoted by the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages. We adapt this methodology to the specific objectives of each course and apply consistent assessment methods to ensure an education of the highest quality.

*Guaranteed improvement and results.
The teaching scheme at Language Campus has been designed to advance through each level with 50 hours of classes, if the main goal is to perfect each language skill. If your objective is more specific, our academic coordinators will establish the type of course and content of the programme, so that each formative action successfully satisfies the student’s goals.

*Focus on relevant communication.
The use of modern educational technology helps to carry out activities developed with a focus on communication so that the student acquires linguistic abilities that allow for a practical use of the language. The classes are dynamic and encourage participation, optimising the necessary conditions so that learning takes place in the most natural way. Students strengthen their knowledge and involve themselves in learning through the use of interactive resources and practical real life simulations. The content is always relevant to the specific course.

*Modern installations and two locations specialized in teaching Spanish courses for foreigners.
We have modern classrooms that promote an optimal environment for learning the Spanish language and culture, allowing for a comprehensive and fun experience. Our two specialized locations are Lost Cristianos, Tenerife and Mesa y Lopez, Gran Canaria.

Servizi aggiuntivi

  • Strutture per studenti disabili
  • Consulenza agli studenti


  • Eventi sul campus


  • In hotel / pensione


Generale Spagnolo

100% 1 Recensione

Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 16-70

Ore settimanali: Intensivo 25+ ore / settimana

Tipo di località: Città

Livelli: Avanzato, Principanti, Intermedio

Dimensione delle classi: Grande, 11-20 studenti, Medio, 6-10 studenti, Individuale, Piccolo, 2-5 studenti

A study program designed to let you learn Spanish fast.

This course is ideal for students who wish to improve their level in an accelerated manner.
Levels from A1 to B2
Administered in groups of min. 6 and max. 12 students.
Lessons of 45 minutes, with a minimum of 2 lessons per session.

Consult relevant start dates at the corresponding academies:
Tenerife – Los Cristianos
Gran Canaria – Mesa y López

155€ per week
Get a 25% discount when you sign up for a minimum of 4 weeks.
15€ Registration fee + 25€ for books

Corsi di Spagnolo su misura

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Questo corso è riservato agli studenti di età compresa: 10-70

Livelli: Avanzato, Intermedio, Principanti

Ore settimanali: Rilassato 10-15 ore / settimana

Tipo di località: Città

Course personalized to the student’s needs.

This course is ideal for students who have specific language acquisition needs.
Levels from A1 to C2
Flexible schedule, classes are adapted to the student’s language level and objectives.
Lessons of 45 minutes, with a minimum of 2 lessons per session.

Students can commence any day of the year (except statutory holidays).
A minimum of 2 lessons per session, with a student chosen timetable.

16 lessons voucher: €20,00 / lesson
32 or more lessons voucher: €19.00/ lesson
15€ Registration fee + 25€ for books.



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Language Campus School

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Amazing teachers and staff, great times :-) b back for sure.

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