Silk Mandarin - Language Training Institute (Shanghai / Shanghái / China)

for, the high influx of new students. At Silk Mandarin you will learn Mandarin effortlessly! Our

Go Abroad China (Pekín / Pekín / China)

Visit China and learn how to speak Mandarin, the number one spoken language in the world. We

That's Mandarin (Shanghai / Shanghái / China)

That's Mandarin is one of the oldest Chinese language and technology schools in China. With a

Mandarin House Beijing School (Pekín / Pekín / China)

Located in Beijing's Central Business District at China Central Place and within easy reach of some

Hanbridge Mandarin (Shenzhen / Cantón / China)

Chinese. To ensure relevancy, Hanbridge Mandarin will tailor your courses to meet your particular needs

Mandarin House Shanghai School (Shanghai / Shanghái / China)

to make Chinese dumplings and play mahjong like a real Chinese person; showing you the elegant Qi Pao

Mandarin Zone School - Beijing (Pekín / Pekín / China)

Mandarin Zone School is a Chinese language school in Beijing, we offer provides effective language