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Sobre Oxford Royale Academy

(ORA) es un proveedor líder de educación
de escuela de verano, con sede en St Catherine’s College, Universidad de
Oxford. ORA ofrece a los estudiantes una amplia gama de cursos en áreas
académicas y culturales, y se enorgullece de la excepcional calidad de sus
profesores. Todos nuestros cursos tienen lugar en los edificios de la
Universidad de Oxford, una de las instituciones más antiguas y respetadas en el
mundo académico.

Este verano, estudiantes de todo el mundo asistirán a cursos
con ORA – y creemos que estudiar junto a personas de orígenes tan diversos es
uno de los aspectos fundamentales de la experiencia que ofrecemos. La mayoría
de los estudiantes viaja para realizar nuestros cursos individualmente y no en
grupos, lo que significa que las clases no son frecuentadas por estudiantes de
un solo país, creando así un ambiente de aprendizaje verdaderamente

Otros servicios

  • Traslado y recogida en el aeropuerto o estación ferroviaria
  • Ayuda para la tramitación de visado


  • En el campus universitario


  • Arquitectura
  • Danza
  • Cine
  • Literatura
  • Música
  • Teatro
  • Turismo cultural (teatros, museos, etc.)
  • Geografía
  • Visitas a lugares históricos
  • Historia
  • Actividades en el campus
  • Actividades sociales para estudiantes universitarios
  • Actividades culturales locales (festivales, etc.)


Cursos de verano de Inglés

72% 8 Opiniones

This course is for students aged: 16-70

Niveles: Avanzado, Intermedio

Horas semanales: General (15-25 horas semanales)

Each year, students from dozens of nationalities flock to
Oxford Royale Academy to embark on our Oxford Summer English (EFL) courses,
immersing themselves in our unique educational environment and taking their
grasp of English to new heights. Our EFL courses are designed to provide an
intensive yet enjoyable learning environment for students keen to progress
their English skills, allowing them to tackle this challenging language in the
company of like-minded students who are committed to improving their knowledge.

ORA's Oxford Summer English programmes for 13-15s and 16-18s provide a particularly
advantageous environment in which to develop English skills, as they take place in the scholarly surroundings of the University of Oxford – home to true
masters of the English language.

Some of the reasons for which students choose to take our
EFL course include:

Preparing for university –

Many of our 16-18 students are preparing to apply for an
English-speaking university, and embark on an EFL course to boost their English
skills in readiness for use in an academic context. If you’re about to apply to
a UK university, our EFL course will help you hone your English to the standard
expected by admissions tutors, teaching you valuable academic vocabulary along
the way.

Improving communication –

All our EFL students want to improve their communication in
English, both written and spoken. Our EFL courses introduce you to the new
vocabulary, grammar and syntax you need to ensure your English skills dazzle.

Rapid progress –

One of the major benefits of our EFL course is that it
allows you to progress your English very rapidly. With 21 hours of English
lessons a week, the intensive tuition and company of other students will mean
you quickly absorb new knowledge.

For ORA's Oxford Summer English for 13-15s, click here!

For ORA's Oxford Summer English for 16-18s, click here! 



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Oxford Royale Academy


estudiado Cursos de verano de Inglés

Mr Daniel Engerby

Attended the ”Global Business, Management and Finance”- course 3-16th of July 2022 in Oxford.

The course promised to analyze emerging trends and themes in finance, marketing, operations and business strategy and identify how the culture, climate, and structure of organisations empowers leadership and is influenced by leadership.

The course really delivered on this and was an outstanding learning experience and boost of inspiration and energy for me. My teacher Diana was the most engaging teacher I have ever had and she really impressed me with her knowledge, creativity and engaging coursework.  
Friendships was created on the very first day and not just with your fellow students, but with the ORA staff as well. This made the initial nerves some might feel go away quickly. Everyday as the course developed, so did the friendships and it was made clear on graduation how close we all got to each other. The strong bonds that was created at ORA is something I will cherish for a long time.

One of the best things about the course was the atmosphere of being at Oxford, roaming the halls and eating in the dining halls and that so many brilliant minds have been in.

The social-activities and excursions were a great mixture of learning while also exploring the city of Oxford with the very engaging and entertaining ORA staff.
From me a big ”thank you” to mentor extraordinaire Diana, Fizza and all of the ORA Oxford-team.

I truly treasure this experience and would recommend this Oxford Royale Academy outstanding course to anyone who is interested in pursuing careers in finance, marketing, operations and organization leadership.

publicado 2 años atrás

Oxford Royale Academy


estudiado Cursos de verano de Inglés

Decrepit Accomodation,

Decrepit and dirty accomodation; tiny and uncomfortable bed.
Contrary to the brochure information, NOT possible to chose the college residence. No mobile and WiFi access in residence.
Isn't worth its price at all. Disappointing for a program claiming to be one of the best summer camps.

publicado 2 años atrás

Oxford Royale Academy


estudiado Cursos de verano de Inglés

Balliol Review

At my 2 weeks at Balliol College I met friends that I value more than friends I've met for longer periods of time. I learned more about medicine than I did in a full year of Biology at my IBDP school. This truly changed my life and my point of view on bring a Doctor.

publicado 2 años atrás

Oxford Royale Academy


estudiado Cursos de verano de Inglés

My experience at Cambridge with Oxford Royale

After going to Clare College in Cambridge as an ORA Exploring Engineering and Technology student, I must admit that I was impressed. The councillors and deans were friendly, yet professional, and of course always helpful. The course itself was outstanding. Our teacher was great and the lessons were educational and exciting. During the 2 week period, we had a lot of freedom and were allowed to visit the town (after our lessons) in small groups after the first few days (as long as we signed out and were back at the college by 6 PM. The optional and compulsory activities organised by the camp were fun and they allowed the students to make new friends. Our safety was clearly the staffs number one priority and they always checked up on us to make sure that we were ok. The food was not the best, but we were allowed to buy food from the town and bring it to our dorms to snack on. It was overall a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in going to an educational summer camp!

publicado 2 años atrás

Oxford Royale Academy


estudiado Cursos de verano de Inglés

My Experience with ORA

Oxford Royale Academy gave me an insight into a university course I was very interested in and helped me decide I wanted to do that for sure. Apart from the great academic courses the activities were extremely enjoyable and unforgettable. I made friends for life and I really recommend ORA to everyone who wants to have a great time and have an insight into what university is like.

publicado 2 años atrás

Oxford Royale Academy

Reino Unido   

estudiado Cursos de verano de Inglés

An unforgettable summer :)

Honestly best 2 weeks of my life. The lessons were interactive and informative, and the bonds I created with students from all around the world are unforgettable. The food was fine and had a good variety for all types of diets. The activities outside of the lessons were so fun and definitely the best part, my favourite one was our water fight! The counsellors are friendly and outgoing, my personal favourites being Juan and Kylene, they’re the best. Accommodation was really great too! I was in a single room but some had doubles. Bathrooms were well equipped and once a week cleaners would come and replace towels etc. Overall, I had an amazing two weeks and will definitely return. :)

publicado 2 años atrás

Oxford Royale Academy


estudiado Cursos de verano de Inglés

Die schlechteste Sprachschule der Welt

Mein Sohn wurde nach 3 Tagen aus dem Kurs rausgeschmissen , weil die Schule nicht in der Lage war, ihre selbst aufgestellten Regeln zu verfolgen. Der Kurs hat 6000 Euro für 2 Wochen gekostet, es war nicht möglich, sich mit der Schule gütlich zu einigen, dass er doch die vollen 2 Wochen bleiben darf. Ich war selber als Jugendliche in London zum Sprachkurs vor etlichen Jahren, also ist mir das Thema nicht unbekannt.
Aber diese Schule kann man niemanden mit gutem Gewissen empfehlen - sehr unseriös und sehr unflexibel. Sie arbeiten mit Menschen, benehmen sich aber nicht menschlich.

publicado 2 años atrás

Oxford Royale Academy


estudiado Cursos de verano de Inglés

very mixed feelings - prepare your english goals well

Oxford of course is beautiful, the school very cool. The activities offered, great. However, be carefull to be very explicit on what you expect from the course, what level you are, what you need to learn - in advance! i did not get much from the course, it was not my level and there was no option to change. it was great fun, but my english did not get the boost i expected and needed for the coming exams. i tried hard to change during the course, but there was nothing to be done. i don´t think it fair for such an expensive price.

publicado 4 años atrás



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