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Nescot College

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This course is for students aged: 16-70

Niveles: Avanzado, Básico, Intermedio

Tamaño del grupo: Grande (de 11 a 20 alumnos), Pequeño (de 6 a 10 alumnos), Individual, Reducido (de 2 a 5 alumnos)



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Nescot College

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Experience so far

I have started my course via distance learning with Nescot in January 2020. The staff are very approachable and some more professional than others.
There are many areas in which the college need to step up such as marking time and turnaround. My current tutor is part time and i can go weeks before I hear from her, however I don't let this happen I feel like i am constantly chasing her to mark unit work and ask for help with learning outcomes. I can say that when help is requested my tutor sends over helpful advice, breaks it down to gather evidence for what she is looking for, however the timing for me is dreadful, a student should never have to send multiple messages for contact, updates and support. One should be sufficient then a response.
Seniors need to step this up otherwise this company is going to lose is accreditation.

publicado 9 meses atrás

Nescot College

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Absolutely DREADFUL COLLEGE- The teaching is lazy and unprofessional and students are horrible - avoid at all costs.
And staff have favorite students who they let get away with murder.

publicado 3 años atrás

Nescot College


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Nescot college is a bad college

The teachers have favorites and let the favorites, get away with being horrible to people. also the staff are unhelpful and rude. Don't go to Nescot.
You are better off leaving the college and doing something else with your life

publicado 3 años atrás

Nescot College

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Nescot College (NESCOT)

Rubbish college I couldn't learn anything with the people I was with in my class, and the teacher favour other students and laugh at the students they don't like.

publicado 4 años atrás



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