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Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo

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Hanazono Building 3F , Tokyo (view map)
94% (10 reviews)

Über Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo

Genki Japanese and Culture School is an internationally acclaimed communicational Japanese language school that offers short-term study abroad courses, learning the Japanese language and culture in a relaxed and friendly environment. We are located in the heart of Fukuoka City, in South Japan, in Tokyo close to Shinjuku station, and in Kyoto in the Gion district. 
GenkiJACS was shortlisted as one of the world's top language schools at the STM Star Awards every year from 2009 to 2018. We are one of only two Japanese language schools in the world that are accredited by IALC, the International Association of Language Centres. We offer courses in a range of areas, including conversational Japanese, pop culture, and traditional culture, all with an emphasis on practical work, inside and outside of the classroom. We can prepare a range of accommodation options including homestays and dorms, and arrange a wide range of activities.
Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students. We accept all levels of learners, from complete beginners to advanced. All teachers are qualified, and bilingual English/Japanese. Courses start every Monday throughout the year, and run for as long as students want.
Our Tokyo branch is located in the center of the most exciting part of Tokyo, Shinjuku, so there are thousands of things to do within walking distance. However, the school is in the grounds of the famous Hanazono Shrine, so it is peaceful and quiet around, and from the classroom windows you only see trees and the shrine.

Zusätzliche Services

  • Flughafen/Bahnhof-Transfer
  • Einrichtungen für Studenten mit Beeinträchtigungen
  • Studienberatung
  • Visa Unterstützung


  • Unterbringung bei Gastfamilie
  • Unterbringung bei Gastfamilie ohne Schüler der selben Muttersprache
  • Eigenes Apartment
  • In Hotel/Gästehaus
  • Studentenwohnheim

Jobs und Studiengänge

  • Arbeitserfahrung / Praktika bei lokalen Firmen


  • Tanzen
  • Film
  • Literatur
  • Musik
  • Theater
  • Kochen
  • Kulturtourismus (Theater, Museum, etc.)
  • Mode
  • Besichtigung von historischen Sehenswürdigkeiten
  • Geschichte
  • Veranstaltungen auf dem Campus
  • Ehrenamtliche Arbeit
  • Studentenveranstaltungen
  • Einführung in die kulturellen Unterschiede
  • Kulturelle Veranstaltungen vor Ort (Festivals, etc.)


Allgemeines Japanisch

93% 10 Bewertungen

This course is for students aged: 16-70

Ort des Aufenthalts: Küste, Stadt

Levels: Grundstufe, Mittelstufe

Wochenstunden: Standard (15-25 Stunden/Woche)

Our Standard Japanese course has 20 classes per week, usually divided into 10 grammar, and 10 four-skills "application" classes, where you learn to use your Japanese in real-life situations. All classes are held in very small groups, with a maximum of 8 students per class, and topics are focused on practical communication skills for daily life. You'll be speaking and understanding Japanese in no time!



10 Bewertungen

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Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo


studierte Allgemeines Japanisch

Month-long study

I studied at GenkiJACS for one month. I had previously studied Japanese in college, but had taken a couple of years off. Upon arriving at school, they administered a placement test. The classes were based off of skill and ranged from 2-6 people. The teachers rotated among the classes, which provided a variety of teaching styles and dialects (which helped improve my listening skills). The students were also awesome as there was so much cultural diversity! I learned so much in just one month. I highly recommend GenkiJACS to someone who is serious about learning Japanese - there is class everyday and oftentimes, there is homework, so you do have to take it seriously to improve!

gepostet vor 4 Jahren

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo


studierte Allgemeines Japanisch

Learned so much!

I recently took the beginner Japanese course with added traditional culture classes for 2 weeks at GenkiJACS in Shinjuku, Tokyo and had an amazing time. The classes are taught in Japanese which may seem intimidating but the teachers are pros at making sure you understand - it's very engaging, entertaining and immersive. I had many "a-ha!" moments which felt very rewarding and proved to me just how much I was learning. Shinjuku is a great area for foreigners to explore. And if you want to explore, it's centrally located in a vast and very efficient network of subway trains which are easy to use once you get the hang of knowing where to look for your information. Highly recommend joining the activities the school plans as meeting the locals adds an invaluable aspect to your experience. Enjoy!

gepostet vor 3 Monaten

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo


studierte Allgemeines Japanisch

Great for short study trips

Genki JACS made me feel welcome before my journey even started thanks to their great pre-arrival support. The classes were fast-paced (one chapter per week) and we were always encouraged to interact with other students and our amazing teachers as the school puts emphasis on conversation skills. I had homework every day, but it wasn't too much, which gave me plenty of time to have fun in Tokyo. I can understand Japanese at an upper-intermediate level, but my speaking skills are very lacking as I don't have the opportunity to practice at home. After spending three weeks at Genki JACS, I feel comfortable interacting in Japanese even outside of school. I can only imagine how much I'd have improved if I had stayed for over a month! I'd recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve their Japanese skills quickly while travelling to Japan.

gepostet vor 7 Monaten

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo


studierte Allgemeines Japanisch

Glad to study at Genki Jacs

I had never been studied Japanese before, I joined my GF who got a degree in Italy and decided to have some classes in Japan. We choose GENKI JACS because of many good reviews online. After 6 weeks I can confirm this school is amazing, you feel like at home, the teachers are deeply communicative and efficient, the support for administrative infos were always great (thanks Eri-san). I decided to study Japanese but I was sure it might have been an impossible challenge, right now I am so happy to say they help you to approach the language with unexpected benefit. I’d go back for sure. Thanks to Mary, Hideo, Yu, Nozomi, Hajaki, Ana and all the wonderful teachers for providing this nice experience. Fabrizio, 51 yo, Italy.

gepostet vor 9 Monaten

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo


studierte Allgemeines Japanisch

3 settimane a Tokyo

Ho frequentato per 3 settimane un corso standard alla Genky Jacs di Tokyo ed è stata una bellissima esperienza. I corsi sono organizzati in modo da far progredire contemporaneamente le conoscenze grammaticali e la conversazione. In questo modo l'utilizzo pratico delle regole studiate avviene in maniera naturale e spontaneamente nella conversazione di tutti i giorni. Veramente una bella esperienza che probabilmente rifarò l'anno prossimo.
Fabio T.

gepostet vor 2 Jahren

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo


studierte Allgemeines Japanisch

Very good experience!

I've been in this school for 6 wonderful weeks, I haven't been disappointed by anything. I accomplished something I wasn't sure I could do : learn Japanese!! But GenkiJACS made my stay better to enjoy every moment in this impressive city such as Tokyo! I keep a lot of souvenirs in my head and I'm really thinking about coming back soon because I haven't seen enough!! Thanks to this school to make me love this complicated language! Mata aimasho!!!

gepostet vor 3 Jahren

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo


studierte Allgemeines Japanisch

The best you can choose for studying Japanese

GenkiJacs Japanese and culture school in Tokyo is a fabulous place to studying Japanse. The school is very close to the Hananozo shrine so that i was able to visit shrine at ease and having the experiences to go to the shrine during new year to make my wish was so interesting. The school location is beyond fabulous. It is located in Shinjuku in Tokyo so that it is very convenient to shop and hang out with friend becuase there are hepas of restaurant and entertainment just minutes away from the school. Beside the location, the environment of the school is also very suitable for learning. Each classroom has a air conditioner so that it is able to keep me warm during class in the freezing winter in Tokyo. There is also a little lounge with sofa, desk where students can have lunch, study after school and also have a little chat with friends. What it is amazing is that, there is also microwave and hot water available so that we can bring lunch from home at simply just heat it up.Other than this, i should write about the best part of the school which is the teachers and receptionists. They are so kind and helpful. Every teachers would dedicate there time to help ypu when you are ineed. When i was there in the first week, becuse i was new to the environment so that i felt a bit nervous. Howevwer, the help, talk and laugher from the teachers really did help me to feel much more relax and comfortable. Class was being taught in Japamese so that it is a very effective way to help inprove your Japanese. The teaching was fantastic as well becuase the teachers will make practice exercise for you with explantaion when learning new grammar. In Japanese skill class, we are able to talk to the teacher or our classmates in Japanese regarding the topic we are learning on the day so that we get to use Japanese in a real context. Other than the nornal everyday class, the school also organise activities when there is public holiday and to be honest the events i went was so worthwhile and interesting. Apart from that, the school will also arrange events such as Christmas party, syabusyabu, yakiniku during the week, student can sign up for that with a resonable price to have fun with the classroom while having an opportunity to “taste” the Japanese culture and customs. Sometime, events with local Japanese students is being held so that we can get a chance to make Japanese friends and practice our Japanese. I must mention that ,during special occaison, the school orgnise special class and food for students to get to know as much as possible during ther stay. For example, during my stay, the school has New Year class where we got to learn about the games played on New Year, the food they eat and the decotration during New Year and its meaning. The school also brought us the special New Year cuisine to taste which is so memorable while being able to learn a lot of culture out of it. I feel so lucky to attending the new year class because I truely learn more than what i have thought. All in all, GenkiJacs is a school i would pick when studying Japanese in Japan, because of its facinating location, the friendly teachers and receptionists at the school as well as the wonderful life the school offer during your stay. I highly recommnd GenkiJacs Japese and culture school to all out there who are looking for a good Japanese school to study.

gepostet vor 4 Jahren

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo


studierte Allgemeines Japanisch

The geratest exprience

I visited the GenkiJACS just for 3 weeks but it was defently worth it and I'm really looking forward to the time I can go there again.

I started with a beginner course and there is really less I would criticize. The only struggle I had was that some teacher tried not to speak any English or if you started to ask a question in English they didn't understand it. On an advanced level this is totally okay but especially when it comes to grammar and basic explanation it is helpful to get a confirmation if you understand it correct.

But no worries, the book is here the right support, everything is really well explained, structured and easy to understand (and I tried a few times to learn Japanese and saw really bad books)
So for people like me which struggle by just hearing and speaking a language the self study with the book is perfect.

Which leads us to the classes, with maximum 8 students the classes are really comfortable. Teacher give you enough attention and everyone gots enough possibilities to speak and try the new knowledge. This was the main focus in Tokyo - speaking. How to write the words is mostly up to yourself or learn the vocabulary... you maybe don't learn all while classes but therefore someone which is not written in the lesson you're right now in.

And you learn quite a lot - in 3 weeks we did 4 lessons of the book which is a really high speed to learn, but also you will get something for your money.

Besides the classical classes you've got much more, like conversation classes for advanced speakers or culture classes (means trips to different locations) to learn more about the traditional or pop culture of Japan.

The staff and also all students were lovely. Everyone is nice and try to help you if you want and the lunchtime chats are always a nice possibility to meet new people from all over the world.

gepostet vor 4 Jahren

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo


studierte Allgemeines Japanisch

A very good, welcoming Japanese langage school!

I learned Japanese at Genkijacs for two months. The teachers were always ready to help you and to answer your questions, be it about the Japanese language or about everyday life.
Like the other reviewer, I was always greeted with smiles from the staff. One day I had a small medical problem and the day after everyone was asking me if I was okay.
The courses are also very good. The groups are generally small (my group never exceeded eight people, if I remember correclty), which makes it easier to speak.
The school organizes a lot of activities, even if they're sometimes deleted due to a lack of students participating. When I was there there were tons of trips to places near Tokyo; there was a movie night (or rather afternoon) every Wednesday and a school meal every Friday.

There are two flaws I would like to mention, though: the fact that the school is located on two different floors, themselves separated by one floor. The "main" school is on the 2nd floor (3rd if you count floors like the Japanese, starting from the ground floor) and the three remaining classrooms are on the 4th floor (or 5th). When you're on the highest floor, you can feel a little "isolated" from the others who are all in the lounge.
And then, there's another small problem. The people from each class don't mix a lot. When you have your class, you stay with the people from your class, and don't really get to know other people. I don't actually know why, but I found it a bit sad. I got to know people from other classes thanks to the trips, but during the school weeks, the things remained the same.

Other than these little flaws, I spent a really good time at Genkijacs, and would not hesitate to go back there to study Japanese !

gepostet vor 4 Jahren

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo


studierte Allgemeines Japanisch

Amazing stay at GenkiJACS Tokyo

I have studied in GenkiJACS Tokyo branch for a period of four months from the beginning of March until the end of July.
The experience was not less than pleasurable. All the stages from the enrollment until the last of day of school were really good.
Unlike many other schools, GenkiJACS was quick to reply to my mail of inquiry and has given me all the information I wanted and more. I have been in direct contact with the school all the time prior to my arrival. The detailed site of the school is also commendable.
The school was centrally located, a two minute walk from Shinjuku-Sanchome station. The classes and the lounge were well equipped.
Upon the first day of arrival I have been greeted with welcoming smiles from the staff and has felt welcome ever since. Both coordinators went out of their way to help me with everything and anything and made my stay much more comfortable.
All the teachers were very experienced and the classes were fun. The study material was carefully selected, and the classes and in-class exercises were well prepared.
I have also enjoyed the extra-curricular activities.
During my study period my Japanese level has risen substantially, and I am looking forward to return for a longer period to study further.

gepostet vor 5 Jahren



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