How to pass any exam



How to pass any exam


Gather information about the exam

Find out exactly what are the requirements for the exam. It’s easier to be thoroughly prepared when you know what to learn.  Find out if it’s a short test or an hour-long exam; a written essay or a multiple question test. This will influence the way you prepared and the length of time you need to dedicate for learning.



Once you know the requirements you can plan out your learning. It’s essential to start early and leave yourself time for revision. Divide the material you need to learn into smaller parts so that learning it will not be overwhelming. Find the perfect time of the day for you to learn and make that time available for your studies.


Use the available options

Help yourself to better remember the thing you need to learn by using visual aids, such as posters, diagrams, tables and anything you can think of. Divide the material into theme sections, putting things in an order will improve memorizing them. If you can’t find something in your book don’t hesitate to explore the web, you will most probably find everything you are looking for there.


Use time efficiently

When you are studying, focus only on that. Turn off your phone and computer, stay off social media and funny web sites. Remember to take breaks during learning in order to not overwork your brain. You can take a walk, breath in some fresh air, stretch and make a couple physical exercises.


Study groups

You can keep yourself motivated by studying with a group with friends. Your friends might have good ideas for learning and remember or know something more than you do. Why not use their knowledge and put it to you advantage. You should of course reciprocate and make the most of studying together.


Eating habits

Don’t forget to eat and drink while you’re learning. Prepare healthy meals and drinks. Some of the foods and drinks which are the best for learning include: salmon, nuts, avocados, veggies, fruits, water, juice, fruit cocktails to supply vitamins and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid coffee, energy drinks and fast food.


Get enough sleep

Sleep 7-8 hours to feel well rested and ready for learning. But don’t go to bed too late, aim for 11 p.m. Start the day early and use your time efficiently. However if you don’t get enough sleep, take a short nap during the day and don’t try to learn through your tiredness, it may be ineffective.


On the day of the exam

Wake up early, eat a health breakfast, and get there before time. Remember to take a pen, pencil, a calculator or anything you need. Before the exam starts take a deep breath and don’t forget you did everything you could to be thoroughly prepared. Finally read the questions very carefully, re-read them if you need to, scan the questions and plan the time you will devote to each one, don’t get hung up on difficult questions and come back to them if you have time.


Good luck!


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